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The town of Lakeside nestles alongside the great lake that dominates the center of the Wildlands. It is a peaceful, quiet town whose main trade is in fishing. There is also a small trade in boats here and the boatwrights are very skilled, learning a lot of their trade from the shipwrights of Haven City. The fishermen of Lakeside don't have it easy. The Lake is plied by fishermen from Pembrose, Lands End, Maard and Haven so the competition is fierce. Often the competition from the Lands End fishermen is downright violent. In addition to this they have to put up with the risks associated with fishing near the Sorcerer's Isle.
Lakeside is run by the Trader families of Haven. The town has a council which operates in much the same way as the bigger version in the city. Each Trader family has a representative. The Trader who is head of the council is Captain Succor, who was once Captain Kennit's first mate on this first ship. Although Succor is not technically of Trader stock he is accepted as Kennit's voice here in the town - not least because he is bright and assertive in his leadership and leads in much the same way that Kennit does.
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