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The Alley

The Alley is an unusual stretch of land. It is a corridor between the sea in the west and the Maard Uplands in the east. It's about 10 miles across and a little more than thirty miles long. Although this area is technically part of Maard, the city state completely ignores it, meaning it is perhaps the wildest part of the Wildlands, alongside its southern neighbour of Lands End. The town of Westport is the only sizeable settlement in the Alley and this is where Maard's navy is based, such as it is. The navy is hugely underfunded by the Prince and as such has to resort to piracy in order to fund itself.
The Alley is home to all manner of wild animals and monsters and in addition is constantly raided from the Uplands by the giant kin who live there. These giants usually raid into the Alley looking for animals to kill but will happily attack and eat humans too. They are not well organised enough to attack a whole town so Westport is safe from them at present.   Travellers are advised to enter the Alley with caution and only if well defended and well prepared. There are few settlements here so don't expect to pick up food or find a nice place to sleep in yout journey into this area. Wayward pines are common enough, meaning it's not hard to find a place to sleep, but the monsters of this area hunt at night and are well aware of the meals to be found under the boughs of such trees.
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