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The town of Westport lies on the western coast of the Wildlands in the area known as the Alley. This port is a rough place, pretty much ignored by Prince Farquhar and beyond even the control of the Thought Guard. It feels, looks and smells more like a Lands End port than a town of Maard. The Maard navy are based here. They are a rag tag group of ill-repaired and ill-equipped ships, with virtually no funding from the state. Instead they fund themselves with judicial raiding on the lands south and north of them. They tend to head north more than south as they are no match for the pirates of Lands End in the water. The Wetland navy is less well represented in the water, so this area makes for safer raiding.
Westport is a dive. It is smelly, unsafe and disgusting. All manner of illegal activity and goods can be had here. There is a small temple to Storm and many bars and brothels. There are no guards here and it really is the rule of the sword. The strong survive and the weak perish. Westport is definitely one of the most cluttered towns in the Wildlands, with all the buildings jammed in, much like a slum in a big city. In fact the whole town appears like one big slum.
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