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The Jagged Peaks (Wildlands)

The Jagged Peaks are a range of high craggy mountains that edge the north eastern border of the Wildlands. They are inhospitable and dangerous to the unwary traveller but there are passes through the mountains and tribes of intelligent people and creatures that scrap out a living on the slopes and in the valleys.
The Jagged Peaks are home to many creatures, both sentient and not so. Clans of human barbarians dot the landscape, interspersed with tribes of orcs. Some of these parties trade and have lose alliances, some are at war with one another. These alliances flicker and change, as fickle as a candle in the cold winds from the north.   Other even more uncivilised creatures inhabit the mountains. Mountain lions and ferocious cave bears are not uncommon, and some have been known to rip the arms and legs off a man as soon as look at him. On top of that there are places where the barbarians and orcs fear to tread, for the far northern peaks, the highest mountaintops, are the lairs of the trolls and giants who call this land home.   Much of the mountain areas which border Dominion are mined by that state and these mines have made it the richest state in the Wildlands.
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