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The large coniferous forest of Elerelen is rocky and rugged, like much of the state of Dominion. It is said to be enhabitted by large spiders and horse creatures who are constantly warring over the territory. The spiders are said to be ruled by a powerful and evil spider queen and the horsemen by a noble king. No Dominioners wander into the forest without good cause and it is not logged by the men of this state at all.
Rumours tell of a ruined elven city to be found deep within the dark boughs of the centre of this forest and old lore tells that this was once the site of a thriving elven settlement, which was apparently built into the trees. The few travellers who have gone into Elerelen claim that the old elven city is still there in the treetops, but that it is now overrun by giant spiders.   This forest has many examples of wayward pines, however these are generally not stocked with firewood and grass beds as travel through this forest is much less common than other parts of the Wildlands.
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