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Sylvandale is the elven name for the huge forest which runs the length of Albion's western border. Today it is an idylic place of dales and lightly wooded glens and also the home of the main elven nation in the area around the Kingdom. Sylvandale is the name of the wood and the capital city of the elves. The humans usually refer to this forest as the Elvenwood or sometimes still the Bloodwood, though that term has mostly fallen out of use.
This ancient forest used to be home to many fey, before the kingdom of Albion was even born. At that time, the fey wonder that was the city of Sylvandale was nestled deep in the heart of this wood. No man could see its beauty and remain unmoved. It was the centre of learning and culture and the fey welcomed visitors from all around provided they came with no malice in their hearts. The city was protected by a band of fey known as the Sylvarran.   Then came the Demon Prince and his Reign of Terror and nothing would ever be the same. The Demon Prince and his cohorts destroyed the city and within a year the beautiful forest had been reduced to a twisted and horrific place as the souls of the people who fought and died in the Battle of the Bloodwood could find no rest. Here the Sylvarran were wiped out. Or so it seemed.   At the climax of the Chaos Wars, the Fellowship of Pelor entered the Bloodwood to banish the Demon Prince for a further 1,000 years. Part of this process was to put the souls of all the dead to rest, and Flek, the first of the new Sylvarran was able to do that.   Since the banishment of the Demon Prince the fey have returned here and this wood is now called Sylvandale again. The ancient city of the same name is in the process of being rebuilt with labour and fey magic.The fey queen has still not opened the borders of the Elvenwood to men. Any who venture too far into her realm are stopped and politely but firmly turned away.


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