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  Not much is truly known about the lands of Marlek, save that it is a very dangerous place, best not visited. About seventeen hundred years ago the Empire of Elam rose up. At its height it controlled all the land mass of the main continent from the frozen north to the lush south, and fully across from east to west. That empire lasted some three hundred years, before it fell due to mysterious circumstances. It is held by popular belief that the emperor of Elam learned the secrets of necromancy and transformed himself into a lich. Legend tells he then retreated to a hidden fortress deep in a secluded region of his empire which is now called Marlek. Marlek is a land of the orcs and goblinoids.

History of Marlek

One thousand four hundred years ago
After the collapse of the Empire of Elam the Emperor of that realm retreated to a mountain hideaway. There, legend tells, he enacted a desperate ritual and transformed himself into an undead lich. His name was Marlek and the lands around his fortress home took on his name.


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