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The Domain of Hawkmoon

The Fey nation of Hawkmoon is ruled over by the mad fey-mage known only as Hawkmoon. He is known to have been a one time adventurer who retired to this area from a far off land, some even say from another world. He is that strange and unusual that its just possible too. The fey lands of Hawkmoon contain no known settlements although it is almost certain that there are fey settlements inside its borders, but the fey here have a strict no-passage rule for all non-fey and these fey do not use misdirection and diplomacy to keep people out. They kill them.


Because Hawkmoon's neighbours see no great resource reason to attack and conquer this area and because the fey warriors who defend its borders are very dangerous, it has stayed independent for a long time now. In recent years it would appear that Hawkmoon has taken over the running of the city state of Wetland in the Wildlands, to its south, and perhaps it has ideas to expand in that direction.   The horsemen of the Kirin clan do not raid into Hawkmoon for a few good reasons. Firstly, there are no easy passes across the mountains that split the countries - at least none which are easy to pass with horses. Secondly, there is not really anything to be gained by raiding this land - the fey settlements are too well hidden to easily find and there are no other easily transportable resources here. Thirdly, the fey lands are well defended with strange fey-magic and strong warriors.


  • Domain of Hawkmoon
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