Magma Force

A group of five friends on the remote jungle island of Mochica 


They encountered a powerful sect of The Demon Prince.  They stopped a terrible plot in that land and discovered it had far reaching implications across the entire Rodinian Continent and perhaps on across The Known World.   They successfully neutralised this greater threat on the mainland, dealing the cult a huge blow that they might never recover from.   The group called itself Magma Force and rather than sitting on their laurels they decided to take the fight to The Demon Prince himself. Using incredibly powerful arcane rituals and help from The Church of the Sun they opened a portal into the Void and stepped through.   There they managed to find the Demon Prince in his banishment. They fought him and killed him.   It is unknown what the exact implications of this monumental achievement are to the World of Rodinia. Certainly since this event the influence of the arch-demon has been reduced, if not removed. Can he return from this destruction? And if not, will some other power rise to take his place?   Only time will tell...
Adventuring Party