Camero ab Dhorlot

A very striking figure with reptilian eyes. Camero is appears like a strange Fey but he is actually half Fey, half black dragon as he is the son of Dhorlot the Dragon Father.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Camero is slightly taller than average, slightly heavier than average, he has golden hair and striking eyes which hint at a keen mind. His back is straight and while as a child he may have been thin, his time with his friends of Magma Force and many adventures have made him stronger.

Body Features

Camero is young, even by human standards but already bears some minor scars of many battles as well as the self confidence of someone who has achieved a great deal already.

Facial Features

His face isn’t stern but warm and open. It’s only in battle that his eyes flash brightly showing the tremendous growing power within him.

Physical quirks

He’s quite graceful but not as graceful as many Fey; it’s the serious, penetrating eyes that set him apart. A gift from his black dragon father.

Apparel & Accessories

He’s smartly dressed in a utilitarian way, and unlike archetypal wizards wears his magical leather armour complete with staff and orb.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Camero was raised in the Eladrin city of Mithrendain which exists in the Feywild. His first memory was of studying with your tutor, Fharleneth. In fact all his childhood memories are of studying magic. He has no recollection of either of his parents. When he reached maturity he was finally told what had happened to his parents:   His mother was travelling the mortal realm when her caravan was attacked by a black dragon. She was grabbed by the dragon and the dragon flew off. The other Eladrin fought off the dragon’s minions but she was lost. A year later she turned up in Mithrendain , heavily pregnant. She refused to tell anyone what had happened and whose baby she was carrying, but people guessed and all was definitely not well with his mother. She gave birth to Camero, and then immediately left the Feywild, returning to the mortal realm once more. She did not tell anyone where she was going.   So, when Camero came of age and was free to do as he wished, he left Mithrendain and his master’s tutelage and set off into the mortal realm in search of his mother, his father, and some answers….

Intellectual Characteristics

Camero is a caring person. He’s sees good all around him and is a staunch defender of all that is good against evil. He’s highly disciplined, intelligent, very well presented and somewhat striking of appearance. He’s loyal, reliable and trustworthy but can also be unsure of himself in social situations.


Camero wants to learn what happened to his mother and he wants to continually improve his understanding of the arcane arts.   He now knows that his mother was killed by the Slayer who has now been tracked down and destroyed. Only Embril remains alive and he is on her trail. He’s married to Shensen and has recently learnt he’s to become a father. This is incredible news, especially bearing in mind that Camero hoped to become a father. However it does make his decision about his future all the more difficult.   The invitation to join the Cabal of Callendrill is aside from becoming a father his greatest achievement to date. He’s immensely proud to be on of the leading group of “good” wizards in the world.   Camero has seen the failure of paladins and clerics of good to thwart the Demon Prince and the taint of evil and so seeks a way to become immortal so that he can help guard Rodinia not just for his lifetime but for centuries to come. He’s unsure of the impact this will have on his family but feels it’s his destiny and responsibility.   Camero has had two visions or dreams apparently of Orcus himself and he remains determined to thwart that foul creature as much as he can. Orcus wants Camero to use his power to become a lich but Camero is determined to find his own path. The Institute of the Arcane is part of Camero’s legacy. A school for the arcane arts that he hopes will one day span cities across the world. He’s made some progress in Cauldron and needs to hear if the establishment of one such school in Dun Laren will be allowed to happen.   As time has gone by and he’s spent time with Magma Force Camero’s social skills have improved to a point that he is now a pretty good diplomat. Even so, every now and then, in order to get things moving he can still be a little too direct as his recent visit to Dun Laren demonstrated.   Camero wants to be a father, stay with Shensen and save the world. He’s trying to balance all of this with becoming a fabled Archlich and by doing so, directly denounce and deny Orcus and remain as a sworn enemy to evil for centuries to come. He wants to watch over his family and that of his friends over the coming centuries and if possible help future generations strive against evil.   Rather than a being of darkness that Orcus would have him become, Camero wants to be a bastion of light and good as a normal man. Proof that anyone can do it if they try hard enough.
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