The Cabal of Callindrill

The Cabal of Callindrill is a cabal of the most powerful wizards on Rodinia. Their numbers are intentionally small and they remain secret at all times. The cabal were created by the famous arch-mage after whom they are named, to watch over and protect the World of Rodinia from threats both internal to and external from the world, everything from natural disaster to extra-planar assault. This is their brief. And to do it in such a way that the world does not know it is in their care.

Invitation Only

A new invite to the Cabal of Callindrill is contacted by Sending ritual. The voice (which the invited does not recognise) gives them a teleportation code and tells them that they are summoned to meet their destiny. It tells them that they must choose now – come and meet their destiny or let it pass and continue their life. The voice asks for his answer directly - will they come?   If the invited person chooses to use the teleportation code they will typically arrive in a tower of one of the existing members. The room they enter will be arranged with 12 seats in a circle. Figures sit on most of the chairs. Somehow all are slightly blurry and it is not possible to make out their features. One of the figures welcomes the invited and asks them to stand in the middle of their circle.   The figure in the middle asks formally if they are the person's full name. The invited can sense magical streams which are perhaps compelling the truth or perhaps simply detecting if they are telling such. The figure tells the candidate that they have been watched for many years by the Cabal they see before them and that they are convinced that they are ready to learn a great truth. The question is, do they feel ready for the burden of this truth? If the candidate says Yes then they are moved to the next stage of the interview. If they say No the figure tells them he is disappointed and that if they change their mind in later years they will be contacted again.  

Who are the Cabal?

The figure beckons to a previously unnoticed corner of the room and a simple stool floats to the centre of the circle where you are invited to sit. Sitting down, the figure in the middle says he will now tell you about the group you are sat in the middle of.   The figure says they are the Cabal of Callindrill. This society was formed about 1400 years ago by the fabled arch-mage after whom they are named. He gathered the 11 greatest wizards of the world to his side and together these 12 luminaries formed the Cabal. Callindrill set forth simple guidelines for the purpose of the society and they have remained unchanged to this day.   The purpose of the Cabal of Callindrill is to protect the World of Rodinia. That is its only goal and only purpose. They protect the world from everything and anything which might endanger it, from natural disaster to extra-planar threat. And, as was Callindrill's wish all along, they do so in utmost secrecy.   There are at most 12 members of the Cabal at any one time. Partially to honour the tradition of the original 12 members and also from a practical point of view to facilitate the secrecy that is so important to the society.   You have been watched and, as one of the most powerful mages in the world at this moment, and as one of noble heart and action, found to measure up to the honour of membership by the Cabal. You have been brought here to be offered a place in the Cabal.  

Membership Benefits

The figure pauses, letting this information sink in, but not expecting an answer just yet. He then proceeds to tell you what benefits you would gain from being a member. These include:   Your own personal tower. The entire contents of the tower will be yours, including a well stocked library with detailed research.   Should you require aid in a quest that falls under the remit of the Cabal you can of course request it and any aid that can be given will be given. However remember that all the other members of the Cabal are also busy protecting the world and if a large number of arch wizards suddenly got involved in one affair people would notice. This is to be avoided.   The trappings of the Cabal are two fold. First is a cloak whose only purpose is to hide the wearers true identity from other members of the Cabal. No one here knows the true name or identity of any other member. And that goes for you too as your true name will be forgotten by all here present as part of the ritual to invest you in the Cabal if you elect to join them.   The second trapping is a signet ring carved with the symbol of Callindrill, an upside down pyramid with a lightning bolt through it. This, more than anything is a symbol of the wizard's membership of the Cabal of Callindrill and should be worn at all times.  


All members of the Cabal of Callindrill are expected to keep the cabal itself secret first and for most. No one can be told of its existence, not even friends, lovers, spouses or children. This is the most sacred duty.   Beyond that it is the Cabal's designated purpose to protect the World of Rodinia. The methods each member chooses to employ to achieve this goal are their own to choose as long as the first duty is not compromised.   Each member knows the identity of the leader of the Cabal and can communicate with him via the standard ritual of Sending. Where necessary a meeting such as this can be called. This is not often however.   There is nothing to stop a member of the Cabal from continuing their normal life, doing their own thing and working towards whatever ends they feel, as long as they are constantly alert for and reacting to any threats to the world and its stability.
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