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Welcome to The Chronicles of Qal'ath by F. J. Brodie. Here you can delve into the people, places and cultures of the Realms in my fantasy world of the Erdàn Savànii - the Known Lands.   My writing is story- and character-driven and this is also very much reflected in which articles I have written so far, although being here on WorldAnvil has helped me to fill in gaps and also help me think deeper in bringing the world around my characters to life.   Enjoy!
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Quick Note on Artwork

The images used here are a right old mixture!
  • Some are hand drawn by myself (actual pencil and paper type). My people drawings suck, but I'm here to write, after all!
  • A few are HeroForge creations that I hope one day to hand draw.
  • A small number are AI creations. I definitely want to replace these because I dislike others art going into mine. But it has been useful to get a good impression of places or characters.
  • Where I know how to credit a source, I do.

The Year is 553AFD (Kinda)

Most of the world building here relates to people and places in existence at part way through the year 553AFD (After the First Destruction).   However, my story-writing spans from the Founding to a few years before that date. And some documents may have annotations after that date.   I've tried to make sure years are clearly marked!   Why 553AFD is important will come clear at some point next (real) year.


Many races appear Paràntii in one form or another, but that may be where the similarities end. The (current) main humanoid races are:  


Paràntii, or humans, make up most of Qalathian Society. The King only allows Paràntii within the Royal Guards and the current Crystal Circle is made up solely of people from this race.     Example Characters


The Foyii, or Woodsmen, can be found in various locations. The Forest of Doon is home to the Foyrùszii (Red-Leaves) and the Foyverii (Green Leaves). They are nature-sensitive, but only a few go on to become mages.     Example Characters


Kyadii are feline humanoids, with full body fur, but fully dressed, too. There are two main clans of Kyadii in the Erdàn Savànii, the Deenfeiss Leen, from the cold northern regions, and the Parrtrof Teeg, from Sablesand Dunes situated South of Shevezz City.     Example Characters


The Elelupii are the small humanoids of the Known Lands. They should not be confused with the rare, and presumed nearly extinct, Dwarves. While their main home is within The Verdant Hills, they work in many different professions. This means you can find them in Qal'ath, Beverohii and Byantē Territory.     Example Characters
Fafa (Coming Soonish)


The Aevyormii were among the original inhabitants of what is now Qal'ath. They were defeated when the original Qal'ath leader invaded their home, and those that survived fled with their leader.   Example Character


More myth than history, the Near-Paràntii are deemed so close to the Elements that they affect their very appearance. Whether they are the same beings as those which the Elements send directly to intervene in Savàni, no one can say for sure. Example Character
Pelorma (note).

The Wild Folk

These people inhabitants live in the Wild Marshes, hence the name. They live a rustic life, with daily dangers in the Marshes, but guided by their chief and protected by their patrolling warriors.
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Other races not yet featuring a great deal in my writing at this point, but will be in the future, are:   → Dwarves (of the Hold)
→ Shevezzi
→ Byāntite
→ Kyparàntii

Key Areas

Here are maps showing the centre, or capital of each of the main principalities East of the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean.  


Qal'ath Ikà Doon Region Map
My "core" region, which includes Qal'ath, The Forest of Doon and The Verdant Hills - Bevérohii. These areas are the focus of book one of The Chronicles of Qal'ath.
Qal'ath's territory is centred around Bezélan, which sits precisely in the centre of the Erdàn Savànii. It extends to the border of Doon in the North, to the Wilderness of Tarran in the East and the Queendom of Shevezz in the South.   It has staked a claim in the Fyrohii and the Forbidden Heights, though most nations consider these mountain ranges neutral territory.

Forest of Doon

Qal'ath Ikà Doon Region Map
My "core" region, which includes Qal'ath, The Forest of Doon and The Verdant Hills - Bevérohii. These areas are the focus of book one of The Chronicles of Qal'ath.
Home to the Red- and Green-Leaf Woodsmen, the Forest of Doon is rich in wildlife and strong in Element Erdé. The chief lives at Everspring and guides the Foyii from there.

Sablesand Dunes

Full World Map - Erdàn Savanii
While Book 1 does not cover this entire World, this is the context which Books 1-2 finds itself in. This is the area referred to as the "Known Lands", a term found in Book 1.
On record, Sablesand Dunes belong to no nation. However the southern portion is where the Parrtrof Teeg clan of Kyadii live, hunt and train. It is a harsh environment where rites of passage can involve death or exile. Combat prowess, with claws and Rzarchprls are honoured above all other skills.



Frostplain, as the name implies, is in the North, and is as much a desert as Sablesand, only this is of ice and snow. Here the Deenfeiss Leen Kyadii live. While they do undertake trials, more focus is given to the survival of all. As such they are less gifted in combat than their Sablesand counterparts, but more skilled in stealth, scouting and negotiation.  

Wild Marshes

Home to the Wild Folk the marshes appear unpleasant to most outsiders, yet the locals find all they need to live. Their homes rest on poles and dug deep into the ground of the Wild Marshes, and light boats are used for swifter travel than on foot.  

Read the Chronicles of Qal'ath

I came to WorldAnvil to centralise all of my own worldbuilding which I had already started. But the focus was always on the fiction writing - and when I can control my low attention span, it still is! Here are the stories written - or in the process of being drafted.  

My Writing Style

Inspired by having read Tom Clancy books in the past, my stories are also in "real time". This means the scenes switch - and times provided - so you can see how events unfold. Paths cross and uncross and the pace speeds and slackens. I'm an untested writer, but I'm comfortable doing it this way, even if it's not a popular writing method.  

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There are different lengths of fantasy fiction writing here: article length, short story, long read. I have also marked those that are still ongoing.   They are also listed in chronological order of when they occur in the timeline/history of the lands.
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Fallen Down of Nectar Glen

The Founding of Qal'ath   From the Founding

The Cleansing of Zykyrn Pilkarrz

The Landing, by F J Brodie | Original Fantasy Fiction | The Chronicles of Qal'ath
Just after the Founding   This is a series but I have only just started, so you can begin below!  

Kindness in Anguish


Happier Times

Farynna, Frehghan, Klor'asq, Calledth, Lyssah and Fireworks

The Legacy of Lyth


Skirmishes and Schisms


Who is FJ Brodie?

As a Person

Well, that's me - the creator and holder of this world in his head. If you want a mini-bio then I am a husband to one woman and father to one girl, and I have a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. This, along with mental health challenges mean stress and expectations can trigger pain spikes (also known as 'flares' or 'flare-ups') so I don't have a regular job.   My other alias writes gaming guides, but that's all I need to say here.  
Social Media
I currently don't have a "normal" social profile for my writing. The community here is my primary source of connection. While you can find my alter ego, most of my content isn't related to writing.   However, I use my Ko-Fi page as a sort-of social panel and I post WorldAnvil and other updates there. So, if you'd like to "follow" me anywhere else, then please use Ko-Fi. You don't have to donate to follow, either.

As a Writer

I am an unpublished writer, or I am someone who writes who is unpublished. As it seems likely to remain the case, I will just share my writing when I can here on WA.   I see Authors as those great enough to have been properly published. I am not and have not been. And, although it took time, I'm finally at peace with that.   Please enjoy my writing anyway! Read Stories ↑