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Qal'ath In the Erdàn Savànii


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The Realm of Qal'ath is situated at the centre of the Erdàn Savànii - the Known Lands. A mostly-Paràntii race, having deposed the original inhabitants many centuries before the current year (553AFD), established the stronghold of Bezélan, seemingly out of wood and metal.   However, during the year that would see the change of era, a devastating war with the Queendom of Shevezz was brought to an abrupt halt by the return of the original Qalathii who, along with a White Dragon caused untold chaos in an event that would be known as The First Destruction. While the new Qalathii and Shevezzi forces drove their enemy back, the scars would last for many years after. Their only ray of hope was that the wood of Bezélan had been burned away, revealing a strong, white stone structure beneath it.   At the Table of Accord, Qal'ath and the Queendom of Shevezz signed their peace treaty and so ushered in the years that would be counted as After the First Destruction (AFD).
  While the rebuilding of lives, trade and structures required immense amounts of work, the peace agreement with Shevezz bred apathy. Until 553AFD, the Realm suffered under one lazy ruler after yet another lazy ruler. Despite the efforts of the Crystal Circle Mages and The Four, inequality and injustice is rife, especially in Bezélan. Add to that the recent phenomenon of every day being intense downpours and unnaturally cold nights, it seems the Elements are turning against the Realm.   The fragile peace accord with the Queendom of Shevezz hinges on the Shevezzi not being able to use Alchemy to convert seawater to freshwater, a factor outside their control.   With non-native black birds beginning to appear across the Realm and the current King, Carnael II, continually stirring animocity with the Woodsmen to the North, can he keep his Realm together, or be the first King of Qal'ath to see it torn apart?   Time is his only ally, and that is running short.  
Thank you for taking the time to visit my work here! My world-building feeds into my fiction writing and vice-versa. I hope you enjoy delving in a little bit into my developing world.  
To others who have followed me from Twitter or Patreon, yes this is FibroJedi, under my writer's pseudonym of F. J. Brodie.

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Qal'ath Ikà Doon Region Map
My "core" region, which includes Qal'ath, The Forest of Doon and The Verdant Hills - Bevérohii. These areas are the focus of book one of The Chronicles of Qal'ath.

Main Characters

As I write up the characters they will link here:   Calledth
King Carnael II
Rostan Ty'qan  

Side Characters