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Table of Accord

What Did the Table of Accord Look Like?

The Table of Accord was simply two large, upright square stones with a longer one resting on top of each, hence the word "Table". The structure itself remains somewhat of a mystery, with no nation claiming to have originally constructed it, though records of Queendom of Shevezz and Qal'ath refer to it as "being set up". In reality, it was likely to have been there for centuries prior to the First Destruction, with rumour saying that it was part of the original creation of Savànii (a term meaning "all the lands").   As the rock was of a weight that could not be simply transported at a moment's notice after a great battle, without even broaching the issue of its smoothness requiring no small knowledge of stonework, its true origins are likely to remain a mystery.  

What Was the 'Accord'?

It was constructed at the year which would become the year 0 AFD - After the First Destruction. At this location the King of Qal'ath and the King of Shevezz (now in 553 AFD, called the Queendom of Shevezz) signed the Parchments of Accord, agreeing a peace treaty of sorts. This was achieved moments before the Auskàlii and the White Dragon came to the battlefield and claimed the lives of both leaders. The parchments survived and were delivered in haste to the capitals of each kingdom.  

Where is the Table of Accord?

The Table is situated at the agreed border of the Qalathian and Shevezzi territories, South East of the Qalathi fortified town of Usàs Nakasz and South of the Shan Da San, where the battle of the First Destruction took place. A key component of the Parchments of Accord dictated that no officials or their representatives, or armies could pass that border without prior agreement of both rulers. Thus the hill where the Table of Accord is found was agreed as neutral territory - and where both could simultaneously send scouts to verify that both Qal'ath the Queendom of Shevezz were keeping to the Accord.  

Why Has It Been Neglected?

While still standing, both Nations have been distracted for so many years that the Table of Accord has been overgrown by grasses, moss and flowers, seeded by the wanderings of the Wind. Both sides had originally agreed to keep it clean, but other priorities, along with a disconcerting feeling the other nation was looking for a way out of the Treaty, served to hand over the Table to the Elements.   Nevertheless, it still stands as a symbol of what was agreed in the year 0 AFD and a constant reminder to those passing of the sacrifices made to enable peace to return to their respective lands.  

Myth of the Table

As the hill where the Table of Accord stands is the first hill heading East from Crescent Cliffs, it was expected that the Wind from the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean ocean would have weathered the stone away to some degree - having been set up over 550 Ana previously. However, as verified by scholars, when the moss is peeled back the stone underneath appears as smooth as when it was first set up.

This has led some to believe that somehow the Elements moved to protect the monument as a symbol of peace, much as the Stones of Myrn to the South of The Forest of Doon are. Thus even those down the centuries who resent the Parchments of Accord have either not managed to, or simply not dared to, attempt to deface or destroy the Table.
Founding Date
Monument / Statue, Large

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