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The Well

The Well, ironically, isn't a well as you would normally expect by a place going by that name. In short, it was a series of naturally carved tunnels into which flowed the mixed waters of the Aszilousii and Blànousii Rivers.   On a small island North of Bezélan in times gone by a small tower was constructed around where the tunnels were exposed to the Elements, mostly as a safety precaution to prevent people and creatures accidentally stumbling into them, probably dying in the process. Over the years, as with anything not of immediate national concern to Qal'ath, the tower fell into ruin. However, the top could still be reached via its narrow, circular steps, though doing so was considered unwise.   Historians and Researchers should note that, although the tower was a ruin, the tunnels remained functional.  

The Island's Name?

The island The Well was on (or ran under, more precisely) had no name. It was less than half the length of Nirryi Isle and much narrower. So if anyone announced they were going to The Well, it could mean the tower or the island, or both. It did not matter given not much else could be found there.

Reaching The Well

There was really only one way to safely reach The Well, without the aid (or ability) of Flight. This was via what was known as a Raft Ferry. These simple, floating platforms could be steered either with the small sail in the middle, or by removing the mast and using it to push into the riverbed. Given the waters flowed in opposite directions towards The Well, the second method was usually preferred. The Raft Ferries were stored at Nagrasz Plysha, at the bridge connecting Bezélan to Crystal Circle Island.   Previous incarnations of the Crystal Circle had created a ford with the aid of the Crystals of Erdé and Ousii, which had made it less treacherous to cross on foot. However, as the flow of the rivers could be erratic and their speed unpredictable, the experimental ford fell into disuse.

Natural Defence

What most rulers of Qal'ath even up to Carnael II, failed to realise was The Well was Bezélan's first and primary defence against flooding. The joint rivers of Aszilousii and Blànousii were wide and never calm, and yet formed a ring of sorts around Crystal Tower Island. Were the well to become clogged with rocks, or overflowed, any levels of Bezélan beneath the ground level would almost certainly flood.  

Monitoring Levels

Disinterested though many Kings of the Realm were in "minor annoyances" such as the flow of water near the Capital, the responsibility for monitoring water levels in The Well fell to the Crystal Circle. Naturally, it was usually decided that the Guardian of the Crystal of Water take up that responsibility, though past Crystal Circles had opted for a different Elemental Guardian in the interests of objectivity. The Circle would then report to the King or the The Four, but only if water levels were unusually high for the season.
489 AFD
Founding Date
122 AFD
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