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Kaazélshàn ([ka:zelʃa:n])

((STUB)) Kaazélshàn (or "Antler Pastures" in Common Tongue) is the name of both the area of countryside and the "micronation" within it. It is the speaking Stags' domain. It lies West of the Fyrohii and The Forbidden Heights, North of Yi-Kyadii and almost reaches the Bevérohii border.  

What Kind of Society Is It?

While the Stags and Does often call their leader a "King", he (or she) usually preferred to use the term "Lord". Kaazélshàn appears to be a simple regent society, but in reality, the "Lord" of the time had a council around them who made joint decisions.   These council members were agreed on at an annual gathering of all Stags and Does. For this purpose, the acting Lord must also be selected as a council member. Once those are agreed, one among those was proposed to be the next Lord, which was similarly agreed by all Stags and Does.
Geopolitical, Lordship

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