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The Nectar Glen

Despite its name, The Nectar Glen was not situated amongst hills, giving rise to a likely string of mistranslations down the nine centuries of Qal'ath's existence. What we do know is that land is now where Bezélan now stands and King's Yield Farms' likely abundance is due to the recovery of the land razed during the Qalathian conquest of 350BFD.  

What Was the Glen Like?

The name Nectar Glen was never restored, thus only minor notes exist regarding its state prior to the conquest. From the records uncovered during the digging of Bezélan's foundations, many references to multitudes of flowers were found - both in terms of species and of colours. Because of these, and the occasional note of the Aunyònii - literally the "yellow blacks", presumed to be an ancestor of the common giant Beille - we can reasonably assume Nectar Glen was so called due to its honey-making insect population.  

The Recovery

The land outside the Capital took nearly a century to recover, according to official Qalathian records. Even now (this document dated 540AFD), patches of bare ground amongst myriad crops and orange trees can be seen, where nothing grows, not even weeds or grass.   We know little of the past foliage of Nirryi Isle on Lake Paxeux, but it is a source of rare herbs today.   While our forebears may have conquered the Nectar Glen to seize control of the waters, they inadvertently inherited a rich, varied and fertile land.
Conquered By
Qal'ath (350BFD)
Former Ruler
Former Ruling Power
Aevyormii (now called the Auskàlii)
Related Ethnicities

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