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The Meaning of Aevyorwii

The word Aevyorwii is derived from three Foyiitùn word-components.
  1. Aevyen: meaning "Air" or Aevyten, meaning "Wind".
  2. Orma or Ormà: meaning "Light" (the Element of)
  3. wii: using wings to fly.
Note: the -ii suffix may denote either a plural of the preceding items (e.g. Winds, Lights, Wings) or simply that it refers to a people/species group.
What About Flightless Birds?
Flightless birds, those that hatch as such (rather than have their ability to fly removed by injury or curse), have a different suffix: -erdwii. This denotes "ground" and "wings" - i.e. they have wings but are rooted to the ground.   The Aevyorwii are "rooted" to the air - if one can understand that peculiar wording.

Shared Traits

The Aevyorwii is a loose group of beings that share the following similar traits:
  • Parànt-like: possessing (at the point of birth/hatching) of two arms (or similar) and two legs (or similar) and, when walking, do so upright on their legs.
  • Winged Flight: Flight may be enhanced by magicks, but may not be the sole driver. the -wii suffix denotes the being must use wings.
  • Command of Air: Save for Nature itself, the Aevyorwii are resistent to incantations utilising Air/Wind Elements.
  • Light-attunement: This does not relate to any judgement of "morally good", but Light as in the Element, that which is required for all things to live. Other races such as Aunwii are attuned to shadow/darkness and have winged flight. Again "darkness" refers to the natural kind and is not a judgement of "morally evil".


Aside from that, there can be a great variation in the sub-races. To pick out some random features that may, or may not, be present in other species:
  • Wings could be leathery as bats
  • The number of wings could be two, four, six or sixteen. It matters not.
  • Arms could be insectoid
  • The shared descriptor did not exclude the possibility of other physical features: the number of eyes, a beak or a mouth, possession of a tail or tails.
Not Birds
Scholars should note that "pure birds", even highly intelligent ones such as the Mìsii could not be classified as Aevyorwii. The Aszilmìsii are both wind-resistent and light-attuned (and a few, usually the elder ones, could be Ormà- and Erdé-attuned). But they are not Paràntii in appearance.  

Related Sub-Species


The only reported Aevyorwii that has existed within the Erdàn Savànii are the Aevyormii. These are also known within modern Qal'ath in recent years as the Auskàlii.   Having said that, a full exploration of Byantē Alliance Territory is currently underway, including any cave networks and underwater colonies. Should another subspecies of the Aevyorwii be discovered, I shall ensure additional documents, attached by Tac-Clip, will be entered into the Archives.
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Fallen Down of Nectar Glen


Outside the Erdàn Savànii

There is much we do not know about the lands West of Byantē Alliance Territory and East of the Great Canyon. This is mostly a result of natural barriers and time or inclination of explorers and chroniclers. Explorers record less than chroniclers would prefer, while explorers accuse chroniclers of writing about things they have never seen nor experienced. It seems I am the rare case of doing both moderately well.  
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Chronicler's Note:
It takes no linguistic expert to notice how society has over the years twisted an Orma-aligned race (Aevyormii) into an Aun-aligned one (Auskàlii).   Were it a matter simply of natural light and shadow I would pay no mind to it. The insertion of -skàl does not bother me either, given that it is feasible that some Aeyvorwii had, or do have, scales. Languages evolve over time.   But if you couple the name change with the Foyiitùn Language Ban, it becomes easy to understand how people associate Aun with moral darkness and learn to fear an entire race, simply by changing their name.   For clarification and posterity: aun is Foyiitùn for natural darkness (or hue). Unbern is morale darkness or evil.


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