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Foyiitùn Language Ban Edict

Royal Edict

His Glorious Majesty King Carnael II of Qal'ath
Date: Day 1, Mùlka 545 AFD

  Due to the recent objectionable behaviour of our neighbours, the Woodsmen of the Forest of Doon, I, King Carnael II do ban, with immediate effect, all speaking of their native language, known to all as Foyiitùn.   The sole exceptions to this edict are those of, or employed directly by, the Crystal Circle Mages, the Four and in the utterance of places that currently bear Woodsman-derived names. These will, in due course, be renamed in a manner befitting our Glorious Realm and Your King using Common Tongue. Once the signage of quarters of Bezélan have their names engraved in both languages, any soldiers or other agents of the law who, with witnesses, hear the incorrect language being spoken, have the authority to arrest any and all citizens or visitors and place them in the Holds for a period of one whole day for the first offence.   It is my fervent hope, and belief, that the Woodsmen will seek to heal this rift of their own doing, allowing us to return to the amicable relations of the past.   No further action against the sovereign region of Doon will be taken and Woodsmen are all permitted within the Realm, provided they adhere to this law.  
While we do not wish to imprison anyone for a slip, it is our language of Common Tongue that binds us as an inclusive nation for all. Thus any who report another for having broken this edict will, if proven accurate, be rewarded.
  In the name of unity, life and prosperity for all.   Your Glorious Majesty,   King Carnael II

Document Structure

Publication Status

Published, Archived, Publically accessible at all gates of Bezélan and Bezélan Minor.

Legal status

Within all recognised borders and settlements of Qal'ath.

Historical Details


This Edict marked a diplomatic action of Qal'ath against the Forest of Doon, intended to "send a message" of which territory was the stronger and to warn the Woodsmen that they were not immune to falling to skirmishes, or even war, with the Realm.


It was during 545AFD that a group of Deenfeiss Leen Kyadii wreaked havoc and destruction as they pushed from Frostplain to Bezélan in order to free one of their own who was reportedly being held prisoner there.   Before they could reach the capital however, they were pincered by Woodsmen pursuing them from the North and Carnael II's Military from the South.   Deciding this counted as an "invasion" on the sovereign territory of Qal'ath, the King ordered the leader slain. His top guard at the time refused the order and the Deenfeiss were sent back home.   Sent into a rage that a guard would favour the way the Woodsmen handle such situations, he had him exiled and vowed to ban the language of Foyiitùn from the Realm.


It only took less than one Ana for it to become the "unenforcable law". Changing place names was messy and inconsistently applied. People lived in fear of a day in the Holds for speaking it out of turn (for one example see Pelorma) but in reality, the soldiers had greater concerns than trying to listen to every conversation.   With the King himself using Foyiitùn against his own Edict, while claiming Regal Priviledge only served to undermine his authority on this matter.
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Andrychus, Prenaeus
To Be Posted
All Guard-houses and towers, all City Gates and at the entrance to Bezélan Minor
Notices Distributed To
Oestun Vyai, Estun Vyai, Ley-Tan, Traders Square and Usàs Nakasz
Decree, Royal
Authoring Date
Day 1, Mùlka 545 AFD
Ratification Date
Day 1, Mùlka 545 AFD
Signatories (Organizations)

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