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Common Tongue/Parànti ([pæra:ntI])

Common Tongue is a language that had morphed and changed over the centuries, taking signals from almost every people group in the Erdàn Savànii. As such, Common Tongue/Parànti was taught alongside any region-specific languages - with even the Kyadii of Sablesand Dunes ensuring their Ghyta could understand and speak it.   Its alternative name was Parànti, meaning the language of the Paràntii, or humans.
((Dear Reader: While Common Tongue/Parànti was not English it has been transcribed into English)).  


While few records exist that are dated earlier than 100BFD, it is believed that a form of the Common Tongue was in use even at Qal'ath's founding around 340-350BFD (the exact year is disputed, but the decade is not). This conclusion was drawn by inference due to a fragile piece of parchment from the founding (currently held in Air Suspension and Isolation) that states the Aevyormii sent a delegation to the leader of "Qal'ath" (as it would later be called). Talks would only have been possible with a Common Language.   While it is possible a variant of Foyiitùn may also have been an option, marginal mispronunciations can sometimes lead to confusion, leaving a Common Language as a better source for a delegation to employ.   No record of that meeting exists to confirm or deny this, unfortunately.

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While less elegant than Foyiitùn and less sophisticated than the ancient language of the Shevezzi, Common Tongue was more than merely the language understood across the Erdàn Savànii, it was often the sole "bridge" during diplomatic talks.   As already stated, it may have been used centuries ago, but there are now plenty of documents to show it has been employed since the First Destruction.   Whether discussions are about war or commerce, this hybrid language cut through the divides between nations. Dragon can speak with Parànt, Foyi/Foya may converse with Shevezzi and Qalathi is able to share research with Byāntite. Even the Kyadii could pronounce most of the sounds of Common Tongue, whereas other languages would take years of study and practice.  
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