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Foyblànii ([fɔɪ:bla:ni])

The Foyblànii are the White-Leaves that inhabited the Northernmost forest, East of Frostplain, called Brùha Foyblànii.  

The Foyii of Frostplain

While not technically living in Frostplain, the Foyblànii may be referred by other people as "The Foyii of Frostplain". They are as much Woodsmen as those in The Forest of Doon but care for their equally-large white-leaved home as the Foyruszii and Foyverii do theirs.   As a result of generations of experience, they are as used to the harsh climate as the Deenfeiss Leen, the Kyadii tribe that actually live in the snowy wasteland. The two groups used to be at odds with each other, but displays of strength and cunning on both sides led to a comfortable truce, almost a passable form of respect.  

Blàmís Tending

When Winter arrives in Qal'ath's territory, the Aszilmísii (or "Bluebird") messengers are replaced by the Blàmisii, or "Snowbirds". They perform the same function of carrying news between those who know Sky-Speech, or to initiate contact with someone who does.   Thus, in the Bruha Foyblànii, the White-leaves care for the Snowbirds as much as they are permitted to do so. This can sometimes mean guarding a nest if an urgent summons is required, or even using spellcraft (or more physically-practical measures) to keep eggs or younglings warm.   With the use of Sky-Speech dying out in most of Qal'ath, Woodsmen from various locations seek to increase their reliance on it so as to facilitate unity across the Leaf-Types, without causing friction between themselves and the King of Qal'ath, Carnael II.

The Hawk-Riders

Whereas the Foyii in The Forest of Doon usually travel on foot, even across long distances, the Foyblànii are known for their partnership with the Great Hawks, or Aillànté in Foyiitùn.  
For General Transport
The White-leaves do not see them as the horse or donkey equivalent of other races, so will not usually choose a Hawk for simple excursions beyond the Bruha Foyblànii. That said, some Riders do develop close connections to their own Hawks that such transportation can be offered by the Hawk, though it must be the Hawk who initiates it.  
For Campaigns or Missions
But the reason they are known as The Hawk-Riders is for their deployment in campaigns or missions. Not every White-Leaf learns to mount a Great Hawk. But those that do are trained to fly and, if needs be, fight in Squadrons comprising of seven or nine Riders.   At 553AFD the last-recorded large-scale deployment of Riders, which included Ayàvi, was in 545AFD, the year of the Qalathii-Foyii Schism. That said, so-called Half-Squadrons of three or five Hawks may undertake scouting or diplomatic missions.
A larger assault or defensive deployment usually in a battle or war context and involving 7-9 Hawks.   Mission:
A smaller deployment of three or five Hawks for specific, usually short-term, assignments. Scouting, Diplomacy, training and exercise are examples. Missions may also be undertaken during, or around, a Campaign.

Elemental Arts

While Myst Sensitivity is common in the The Forest of Doon, only a small proportion choose to pursue the knowledge to practice it. This is not the case of the Foyblànii.   Doon, due to its natural geographical position, is more Elementally-balanced, where as the Bruha Foyblànii is saturated in Ousii (waters) and Aevyen (Air), the necessary components for magicked Ice and Snows.   Those proven to be Myst Sensitive and choose to build on that are tutored and guided by those more experienced than themselves. Very often the Sénakii bless their tribe with Fyr (Flames) and Erdé (Ground or 'Land') mages. Historically, those Elements have been used in aggressive usage, but in the Frozen North, they are carefully employed to create harmony Under the Roof of their Forest.   Some have even harnessed Fyr in the healing arts, a skill not found in any Fire-sensitive mage further South, at least among the Authorised Mages.
Full World Map - Erdàn Savanii
While Book 1 does not cover this entire World, this is the context which Books 1-2 finds itself in. This is the area referred to as the "Known Lands", a term found in Book 1.

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