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In the world of Qal'ath

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Fallen Down of Nectar Glen

Completed 24538 3 1 6991

The formerly pristine Nectar Glen is aflame. Its inhabitants, the winged Aevyormii are beset on all sides by a ParĂ nti race bent on establishing its kingdom on their land.
  The only thing protecting those remaining on the battlefield is a warding shield.
  And that is failing.

Fallen Down of Nectar Glen is set at 350BFD at the founding of the Realm of Qal'ath and sets the tone of how its history is retold to its future generations. It is a "prelude" to my wider Chronicles of Qal'ath and I'll be releasing it in two parts. As nervous as I am to have this writing out there publicly, I hope you enjoy it.