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F. J. Brodie | Member Since 12 Jul, 2021
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The Realm of Qal'ath began simply as one concept...a "what if?" moment. It was followed by me restarting drawing after a decade or more of neglect. Ideas and drawing led to maps, which led me to start the Chronicles. Welcome to the Realm, with conflicted interests, social divides and distorted histories - with a predicted oncoming disaster. But in the shadows, light, humour and loyal friends still flourish to help weather the storms.

Dad of one and husband of one, with chronic illnesses of two (ish). When my pain levels became too great to hold down a 'normal' job, I had to try and find other ways of supporting my family.   But first I had to adjust to the life changes, and I rediscovered drawing and writing.   So, a few years ago, a concept for a new world came into my head from a simple "what if?" question. Three years on, I'm finally submitting my draft book 1 to agents. I'm still not earning from writing, but escaping to the Erdàn Savànii is a helpful coping mechanism for me.   Thanks for having me.

Interests & Hobbies

Anything from characters from my world, to colourful kids' creatures for my young daughter, to characters I have in the gaming worlds I play in. Whatever I feel like, really.

Favorite Writers

Tom Clancy, Margaret Atwood

Favorite Games

The Computer Variety

  • The Lord of the Rings Online
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  The Table Variety
  • Carcassonne
  • Rivals of Catan