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Kyàdonii ([ki:æ:əʊ:ni])

The history of those now simply called Kyadii has been long lost to the dust and snows of Time.   Here in the Bezélian Archives, we required a name with which to group all Kyadii together, despite the fact that you cannot call them one people group at all.   Thus we resolved to simply call them the Kyàdonii from the Foyiitùn words "Kyadd" and "Onà" meaning "First Kyadii".   Anyone reading this entry with a view to learning about the Kyadii must learn first never to refer to them using that term, and secondly that their identity lies in their clan, not their species, per se.   The two major known clans are: Parrtrof Teeg and Deenfeiss Leen.
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