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Frostplain (or Kìnàblàn Byrné in Foyiitùn) is situated North of Viàn Falìnai, East of Zelohiiblàn and is home of the mythical Glàsdei-an-Ormà.   It is the home of the Deenfeiss Leen tribe of Kyadii. While discussed as an "ice desert" the term undermines the sheer hazard of the area. While it is true that it sits on a plain, much of it is full of such depths of snow that it is nigh impossible to determine how deep it is in any one place. Thus, while the area is inhabited by the Deenfeiss, their camps are North (or Nùorma) of Frostplain, rather than on it.   Even those "Ice Cats" prefer to circumvent the Plain rather than cross it, especially if they have cubs in tow or younger Ghità being trained to hunt.
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