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Erdàn Savànii ([eə:daen s:aevɑːni])

Erdàn Savànii refers to the vast majority of the Star of Savàni, created during one of many Great Resolutions that the Erdénaii, or Elements, undertake.  

What Does the Name Mean?

The name in Foyiitùn translates as "The Known Lands", which is not only in Common Tongue, but is how it is commonly referred to, even by those who speak Foyiitùn.   The other portion of Savàni is simply Erdàn Rensavànii - the Unknown Lands, and has not been mapped by any known Cartographers on the Star. Ships have been sent out, however. Whether they return with knowledge of the lands themselves or simply the landmasses, only the Elements know.   Language Note: Technically, Savànerdaii (Sav-arn-air-dye-ee) is the literal translation of "Known Lands". But Foyiitùn has a "language smoothing" rule - whatever is easier to say, so long as it's not overwriting a pre-existing word, should be the one used. Thus Erdàn Savànii persisted.  

Where Is Qal'ath, Then?

As mapped, the Realm of Qal'ath takes up the central area in the Known Lands, with Bezélan almost exactly in the centre of Qal'ath.   As Savàni is known as an "Orb" or "Star", astronomers (usually from Shevezz or Zykrrn Pilkarrz, with a few past members of The Four or The Crystal Circle in Qal'ath) do not determine a centre or Nexus of the Star itself. Thus the actual "centre of the Known Lands" is, naturally, debated between nations.
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