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Rostan (rɒstæn)

Brùini (a.k.a. Rusziné Vyskà)

Rostan's Childhood

Born in 475AFD at Ghas'hoji in Byantē Alliance Territory, Rostan grew to love of nature and of the nearby Aeyvenù Woods from the moment he could walk. Although his mother, Suszé1, was Parànti like most of the population of the Byantē Alliance, his father - Pìchàn2 was Foyii. This upbringing meant people from different races would pass through their home for meals or nights over and from even the earliest of ages, he began to love the differences between them all. To other local families, they seemed to be getting on with life and serving the nation as well as anyone else.  

A World Changed

The Dragons and the Byantē Alliance Assembly had, centuries prior to Rostan's birth, come to a peace agreement with the Skàlkyn. As such, citizens would freely wander the Hohiiskàlmàr and Dragons were free to fly at their leisure in and above the territory. Three Ana or so after Rostan's birth, two young dragonets were confused and concerned to find Rostan wandering the wood on his own, crying out for his father. Speaking into his mind3, they managed to calm him down and, while one went off to find food and water, the other remained by Rostan's side. From the snippets the young child could bring himself to say, they learned that his mother had been killed by a bear only a few days earlier.   As the hunting dragonet returned, she dropped rabbit and a leaf pouch of water nearby and came over to the pair carrying a broken bow.   "That's papa's bow... he wouldn't 'ave broke it! Where was it?" he asked.   <<On the edge of the cliff hanging over Tolmyr Sands.>> the dragonet sadly reported, <<I searched high and low within your homeland, but no sign of Pìchan. I'm sorry.>>   She turned away, not wanting to reveal the likely truth that his father had abandoned him and jumped to his doom. She skinned and boned the rabbit with her sharp claws and instantly cooked it with her blue fire, before bringing it to him.   So it was that Rostan was taken to Hohiiskàlmàr and for an Ana he was cared by the Dragons.  

A Gift For Others

Through their care and teaching, aside from an understanding of their kind, Rostan received an unusual gift: the ability maintain a level of youthful vigour until his one hundredth Anaday. Questioning why he would want that, the Elder Dragon that bestowed the gift said this:  
Such a gift cannot be granted to the vain and the selfish, who would use it to further their own glory or to remain attached to their mirror or reflection lake for eons. No, Rostan, it is not simply the look of youth we grant you, but the strength, the will and the keenness of mind also.   A day will come, child, when that strength will be needed. Not just for yourself, but for those around you. To bring change, one must be capable of starting the flow.   Thus, our gift to you is for anyone you encounter in life.   It is a gift for others, as many gifts in life should be.
  He learned that this gift would last until his one hundredth Anaday (as he called it), after which aging would accelerate. This too was a gift, to ensure others continued what he had started and to grant the man himself rest.   Questioning whether he would definitely live to one hundred, the Elder Dragon simply replied.   "That, my son, will be determined by your choices."  


However, both he and his foster family knew that he should be raised by someone near to his own race. On Rostan's fifth Anaday the Dragons convened with the Alliance Assembly on the Peaceful Ascent. There they explained what had happened to the child and that they had sought to care for him - both physically and emotionally - until he was ready. Not questioning "ready for what" the Alliance thanked the Dragons and Rostan was embraced by the dragonets for the last time before he sadly watched them fly back to their mountains.  

Renamed Rusziné

He was readopted by new parents who had wanted a child, but the Elements had prevented it. Their home, deep within Aevyenù Woods, often played host to Foyii visitors, especially of the "Red-Leaf Clan". It was these that enraptured Rostan and through his childhood he found more and more kinship with them, such that he was given the name Rusziné - a "friend of the Red (people)". That name stuck and for a long time he had no need of his old identity.  

From Byantē to Qal'ath


Growing up, Rusziné was educated at the Temple of Learning, where he discovered a love of language and a skill for deciphering ancient codes in ruins explored by the local archeologists. By his eighteenth Anaday, while appearing more as a fourteen or fifteen year old, he was bilingual and had taken an interest in Rarshk, the language of the Kyadii.  

Physical Training with the Tégharii

But mental training alone does not a person make and eventually, at age seventeen, he continued to study but also joined the Tégharii. Although various sports and physical activities did take place during his education, his stamina and strength so outmatched his peers that he did not feel challenged.Having heard of their dual purposes - to defend the borders and hunt to provide food for the poorest in Byantite society, Rusziné had been as eager to join them as they were to have him in their team.   Eventually, he found his comfort zone with greatswords - though usually ones that were great in length, but not too weighty. While capable of using a shortbow for hunting, stealth had never been his strength. Although the youngest among them, he grew close to a couple of the Tégharii and found a "clan" family, while being grateful always to his adoptive parents.  

To Qal'ath

It was the Tégharii's love for the poor that motivated him the most. Society was set up in such a way as to ensure money did not restrict career or education, but he felt sure this could not apply to all territories in the Erdàn Savànii. So at age nineteen he bid farewell to his comrades and travelled the lands.   Eventually at age twenty-three, his wanderings led him to Bezélan where he quickly saw how the poor were marginalised, disregarded and openly abandoned. Only the rich or powerful seemed to have their voices heard, except for some whispers of a so-called Crystal Circle of mages that were deemed to have sway with the King. Tempted to give into despair, instead he sought to enlist in the Qalathian Army, reasoning that to make a difference in such a world, he would need need to earn influence.

Age vs. Appearance

While Rostan is Parànti from the Byantē Alliance, the "gift" from the Dragons means it is hard to judge his age purely from his appearance. While initially there was little-to-no distinction, as he grew older that gap extended, such that by the age of seventy, he appeared to be mid-thirties. Were he to reach one hundred, he would likely seem as a mid-forties to fifty-year-old.  

Read the Timeline

To see other events in Rusziné's timeline click/tap here.. He is a main character in the Chronicles of Qal'ath, but I am also in the middle of writing two different portions of his backstory. Watch this space!  

  1. Suszé is derived from sész (to be) and usz (faithful)
  2. Pìchan is derived from pìch (calm, tranquility, peace) and an (of, of the). This name means one whose aim is finding a way of peace (pìchanri), but does not denote he is peaceful (vurlpìch).
  3. Dragons never developed the mouth movements required to audibly speak the language of the Parantii. This they deemed unnecessary, given they could make them understood through telecommunication. Furthermore, they considered most language forms of the lesser finite beings clumsy and awkward, compared to their historic ancient tongue, providing another reason not to speak other languages.
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Current Status
En route towards the Capital to report a disturbing sign to the The Crystal Circle.
Current Location
Year of Birth
475 AFD 78 Years old
Sky Blue
Shoulder-length, stringy and black with silver tints.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Rugged white skin.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Byantē Alliance Territory Map
Across the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean lies the Byantē Alliance, home to a unified yet multiracial nation that combines faith in the unsees with scientific and logical endeavours. It is also one of the places in the Erdàn Savànii known to be watched over by Dragons and their kin.

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