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The Forest of Doon ([forest ov duːn])

The Forest of Doon lies North of Bezélan and is the home of the Woodsmen (also known as the Foyii). Doon is a natural wood with two primary species of tree: Maples and Pines.   The leaves of the Maples rarely fall, but when they do, they are renowned for not losing their vitality, making them useful in the creation of camouflage armour for the Woodsmen.   The Forest of Doon was considered both a geographical location and the official name of the territory governed by the Woodsmen. Thus it was a place and an organisation at the same time.  

Doon: The Location

While the Aszilousii River borders the Forest, it is the Blànousii that runs through it from North (Nùormà) to South (Sùda). From this river runs a small stream to Everspring, where it forms a small, blue lake. This unusual phenomena is a demonstration to the Woodsmen that Nature is intertwined, for the waters of the Blànousii do not, directly, share the azure appearance of the Aszilousii.  
The Great Oak
The sole Oak tree in the whole of the Forest is The Great Oak, which is known as the source of the so-called Shield of Everspring. For more information on that, see the documents on The Great Oak and Everspring.  
Màroh Crag
As one ventures North in the Forest of Doon, the land ascends gently. If you took a leisurely stroll, you would be surprised upon reaching Màroh, a small yet significant cliff. From here, a regular watch is held as it overlooks Everspring, the home of their leader Ki-E-Vwa.  
The Woodsmen decided that the natural glade in Doonoest (West Doon) into a fenced-off safe haven for newly-born children of the Woods. Here, their parents (which was, at least half of the time, fathers) could focus on raising their newborns instead of their duties, while also drawing support and encouragement from folk in the same situation and they were.  

Doon: The Organisation

The Foyii did not truly consider the Forest as "their" territory. But they were convinced it was their role to look after, tend and defend the Forest. They were servants, and the Chief was the servant of servants.   However, no group however remote is immune from politics. Thus, it was sometimes necessary to conduct diplomacy, or negotiate trading agreements. As the coins of other nations held little or no value to them, trade was "bulk barter". As such, delegates from Doon were sent on such diplomatic assignments as were necessary.   For a long time Doon was considered an ally of Qal'ath. That all changed after a failed Kyadii incursion that ultimately led to the Foyiitùn Language Ban Edict and the first Qal'ath-Doon Schism.

Equal Under the Roof

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The Woodsmen have no need of trade with themselves. Each plays their own role in sustaining the people and guarding the forest. When it comes to trade with other nations, this is done on a barter system (including bartering information when there is no conflict of interest). Anyone demanding coin will have no trade with the Foyii.
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See Naífyn Sénakai for a more detailed overview.

Loose Alliance

The Stags of Kaazélshàn are reliable allies in times of distress, especially if Nature is Threatened. While Doon regards them fondly, the Stags have their own concerns, and spread their attention over a wider geographical net. This should not be seen as disinterest in the affairs of the Woodsmen, but simply the fact they are interested in those of other people-groups too, and must balance needs and reactions accordingly.

Trading Agreement

Both the Wild Folk and The Forest of Doon have barter systems. This enabled agreements of resource swapping to be easily negotiated. Both people live immersed in Nature and so are amicable in their dealings with each other.


While officially "Neutral", it is Natex who are taking tentative steps into negotiating witht he Woodsmen, who usually only undertake barter transactions.   With their focus on making profit, the Woodsmen have no perceived need of Natex's services, but have found no reason to turn away any delegates sent to speak with them. Though the research business is forbidden from taking any material - naturally-fallen or not - from the Forest.

Aggressive (One Sided)

Following from the exile of Rusziné, Carnael II put a ban on the speaking of Foyiitùn within the Realm and ceased trading with the Foyii. While, from Qal'ath's perspective the Woodsmen were enemies, Ki-E-Vwa had stressed to all in the Forest that Qal'ath was not to be treated in kind.

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