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Ki-E-Vwa ([ki:e:vwæ])

Chief Ki-E-Vwa led the Foyii along with his Chief Seer, Ki-E-Jaisèn during the events of the Second Destruction. He maintained the Shield of Everspring and its source - The Great Oak - from the Chief's Hut in the The Forest of Doon.  

What Does His Name Mean?

His name, in an archaic form of Foyiitùn means "He who protects and sees". The name is more a title and the form is granted to those who become leaders in the Forest of Doon. Upon become a Seer, and subsequently Chief, he gave up his birth name and "became" Ki-E-Vwa.  

The Ki-E Title

It is said that all leaders protect something or someone. In the very least, leaders of the Foyii were expected to protect those from both tribes and the natural order of Doon. Therefore, all leaders' titles begin with Ki-E, with the third part of the name being a strong personal trait.  
Literal Translation
It should be noted here that, although Ki-E-Vwa and Ki-E-Jaisèn were both male, Ki-E was not literally translated as "he who protects and". Ki-E was more accurately translated as They who protect. Females that rose to Ki-E status would hold the selfsame letters and be translated as "She who protects".  

Once Forgotten...

Although never formally stated, it had become custom never to utter the name of a Ki-E figurehead "under the roof". Nor is this recorded. Although this is a Bezélian document, The Chronicler honours their traditions in not recording his name, nor age.    

Which Tribe Was Ki-E-Vwa From?

He was originally of the Foyverii clan, but upon becoming Chief, he renounced his alignment in order to fairly represent both clans. This is a tradition long-held by the Woodsmen.  


Ki-E-Vwa was a true friend of nature, in all its forms. Even if faced with menacing wolves or spiders, and knowing their destruction was the only course of action, it pained him to do so.   While he had mastered Sky-Speech and could talk the language of the Mìsii, he usually spoke to them in Foyiitùn. But he was more than a Sky-Speaker and could talk to the hearts of almost all creatures, so long as they were in the Forest.   It was, however, a personal regret that he had never managed to penetrate those creatures bent on causing difficulties in Doon.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physically-speaking, Ki-E-Vwa is frail. Years of leading the Foyii from the relative safety of Everspring, as well as the need over more recent times to more closely monitor the Shield of Everspring have made moving about painful for the Chief. It is only through his arcane arts, the natural foods of the Forest, and being surrounded by friends and allies that Erdé has extended his time with the Woodsmen.   He requires the use of a staff to lean on in order to walk, or physically move in other ways, but his physical appearance should not be assumed to be the gauge of his mental capacity.  

Body Features

Ki-E-Vwa's back is usually bowed, partly due to his age and partly due to how he has conducted himself as Chief. Bowing to others was important to him, as was getting down to eye level with children or creatures. Furthermore, his affinity with Erdé, strong even among the Foyverii necessitated close examination of the ground, rock formations and, much earlier in his life, footprint tracking.  

Facial Features

Many Woodsmen are either smooth skinned, clean shaven or have full beards. Ki-E-Vwa is unusual in that he always appears to have stubble. Whether this is due to a physical inability to grow a beard, or a lack of a shaving routine, one can only speculate. He would argue that there are more important things to be doing than worrying about facial appearances.   From those that have known him for a long time, they say this has always been true of their Chief, not something brought on by his age.  

Identifying Characteristics

While he may not have much facial hair to speak of, he has unusually-long hair for a Woodsman. They, by their nature, usually have unkempt - and usually wavy - locks. Yet Ki-E-Vwa's reaches the middle of his back and is mostly straight. He has tied half of it together, leaving it to fall on top of the rest which hangs loose.   Despite mostly remaining in his hut at Everspring, he often wove leaves of both the Maples and needles of the Pines into his hair, even though they irritated him at night. In this small way, some of the Forest of Doon was against his body, though he himself was too physically weak to go strolling in the woods.  

Special abilities

Far-Sight Variant

Ki-E-Vwa had knowledge, and use, of a variation of Far-Sight. Unlike Claris of The Crystal Circle, however, he could not see possible futures.   His was more literal - through incantations, he could see distances and beyond physical barriers. It was this very ability that The Lens harnesses, but through a different way. Ki-E-Vwa's only sacrifice in using Far-Sight was the general fatigue that all spellcasters experience after mental exertion.  

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Ki-E-Vwa's judgement and assertiveness has not dimmed with age. However, at 553AFD, the sanctity of Doon was under threat, causing him emotional distress and an unwelcome distraction. With his attention split between maintaining the Shield of Everspring and coodinating the Foyii for maintaining a strong defence of the Forest, he was beginning to show signs of struggling in his role.  


That aside, if the mood struck him, he could throw humorous remarks to those he trusted.
“And here arrives the answer to one of our conundrums,” Ki-E-Vwa announced, “please, friend, take a seat. And before you protest, I mean a seat and not a place on the floor.”  
Dag Drey, Passes and Misses
The Chronicles of Qal'ath: "Wrenched"

Teachable and Fallable

Ki-E-Vwa taught that everyone is fallable - and lived accordingly himself. He always took time to listen to others for a new perspective, or before making judgements. In the latter years of his life, he relied heavily on Ki-E-Jaisèn the Chief Seer to see where he could not. Despite his title, he was always acutely aware that, even with the aid of the Elements, his visions were imperfect.  

Compassionate and Assertive

Rare are those Foyii who can be assertive and diplomatic, compassionate but firm. He loved all his people, regardless of their history or which clan they belonged to. Not afraid to show it, he could tell someone to calm down while speaking lovingly to them.   With any rebuke was an affirmation. Even here, when dealing with the hasty, impatient Calledth
"Ever the Red Leaves stir you swiftly to action," the Chief smiled, "at least today it is justifiable."  
Dag Ona, The Stirrings
The Chronicles of Qal'ath: "Wrenched"
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Maintaining in the Shield of Everspring and Investigating Natural Disruption in the Forest of Doon.
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Pale Grey
Light brown, fading mostly to grey, half tied up and half hanging, reaching to the middle of his back.
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Wrinkled, yet still appearing pinkish in certain lights. While his skin's texture is old, it still habours life and strength.
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