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Blànousii ([blɑːnuːziː])

((STUB)) The Blànousii River finds its sources (for there are two) at the Zelohiiblàn in the very North of the Erdàn Savànii. From there it winds its way South through The Drift, past the Viàn Fallìnai and through the Forest of Doon. North of Everspring, the Blànousii then falls down the Pifòn and leaves the Forest at Sudàmàr Pine and past the Stones of Myrn.   Once it reaches Crystal Circle Tower's island it merges with the Aszilousii River, where it forms part of Lake Paxeux, replenishes The Well or reaches Risehope Docks before joining the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean.  

Meaning of the Name

Blànousii literally means "White Waters", but blàn may also refer to "purity or clarity". So, while many Common Tongue speakers call it "White Water River", those who are influenced either by historical documents or the Foyii may call it the "River of Purity".  

Unusual Trait

The water of the Blànousii is unusual. For most rivers and streams, the further South it flowed the warmer it became. However, if one were to drink of it at Traders Square (before it joins with the Aszilousii) it would be just as cold as if taken from the foot of the Zelohiiblàn mountains.  

Blurred Ownership

While Qal'ath would like to claim "ownership" of the entire river, in reality it was more about who had access to which portions of its path.  

Northern Section

This was held almost exclusively by the Deenfeiss Leen Kyadii of Frostplain.  

Central Section

The Woodsmen do not claim to "own" any of it, but only they - and any visitors - had access to the stretch between the Viàn Fallìnai (North of the Forest) and Sùdamàr Pine (at the very South).  

Southern Section

This is the portion that is controlled by Qal'ath, so may be reasonably claimed by the Realm.  
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