Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean ([grɑːnuːzi an ʊəma:ʃil oʃʌn])

The Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean is the largest body of purely water in the Known Lands (Erdàn Savànii) and is mostly a salty sea. It's known as "purely water" because marshlands are also commonly referred to as "groundwaters", or erdousii. The marsh deemed the largest in the Erdàn Savànii is the Erdous Fynaìm far in the East, simply because you cannot see its end from any scalable heights.


The Common Tongue/Parànti translation of this sea is Bluelight Ocean. Foyiitùn speakers not of the Foyii / Woodsmen would likely call it "the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean". However, one of the translations of the word "Grànousii" is "Ocean", so to pure Foyiitùn speakers, they would omit the Common Tongue/Parànti word "Ocean" on the end as it was an unnecessary repetition.


While much of the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil is just ocean, the following island and groups of islands should be noted.  

Isle of Ghrrysz

While clearly an island, Ghrrysz is twice the size of Bezélan in area. It was within the boundaries of Qal'ath and is known to be part of the Realm, however only authorised people are able to take a Slùpè from Risehope Docks to "The Deposit", the port at Ghrrysz. The Isle has one mine (Rentyòm Kaszà) and two settlements - one is Ferarrn Ghyt and the other named after the mine.  

Pékinerdàn Pelonii

The "Lost Isles" were found in the only area of Contested Waters within the Ocean. It was mostly contested by the Queendom of Shevezz and the Byantē Alliance at 553AFD as Qal'ath had no warships at that time. The reasons each principality wanted to own the Lost Isles vary and change depending on who you ask. If you're brave enough to even ask.  

Pekinpìch (Peacehaven)

While Pekipìch would have been more bolà, the name Pekinpìch persisted by virtue of the number of nations, tribes and backgrounds who frequented it. With one larger island and a smaller one, it was named Peacehaven and is effectively neutral territory. The Queendom of Shevezz and the Byanté Alliance had agreed this stretch of water to be Uncontested because it was far from each of their landmasses and also was the middle of where the Ocean slipped into the Unknown Lands. Should anyone come from that direction, it was agreed, they ought not arrive in the middle of a battle of ships, but somewhere calm. This has happened on the rare occasion.   The port, small town and trade routes to and from Pekinpìch were maintained in equal measure by both the Queendom of Shevezz and the Byanté Alliance.


Territories With Access

It extends from the South-Eastern tip of Bezélan and travels South and South-West, past The Queendom of Shevezz, The Forbidden Heights and to, and beyond Byanté Alliance Territory. Where it goes only the Elements - and perhaps the Dragons - know.   At 553 AFD various maps had been drawn with approximate boundary lines as to which territories claimed which portions of the Ocean as their own:  
Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean
by F. J. Brodie
  • Qal'ath: Only the northernmost "tip" is theirs, as dictated by the landmasses adjoining the sea. The westernmost edge ends at Yi-Kyadii and the southernmost where the Lybweg reaches the entrance to Shevezz.
  • Queendom of Shevezz Shevezz has claimed much of the eastern half of the Grànousii, which extended beyond its territory to the waters adjacent to Sablesand Dunes, as the Parrtrof Teeg clan of Kyadii has no need of ocean exploration. The boundary West ends just East of both the Pékinerdàn Pelonii and Pékinpìch (Peacehaven).
  • Byanté Alliance: their portion of the sea also does not include either group of islands, so it starts at Yi-Kyadii (bordering the Qalathian section), travels South-West, skirts around the islands before turning due South after Pekinpìch (Peacehaven)

Localized Phenomena

The ominously and yet over-lengthily named Hùlousii Navià dys Déiamyr was an impassable squall immediately South of the Byanté Alliance port of Dragonmouth, ensuring no ship could sail West, nor could any sail from the West either.   This "solid wall of a storm" was said to be either a manifestation of the Element of Water, or of the "gods of death" depending whether you were speaking to someone within the Byanté Alliance or from atheist nations such as Qal'ath and Shevezz.

Natural Resources

(( This is still being explored - simply because I have not worked out how/if they can explore the seabed yet. ))
by F. J. Brodie
Alternative Name(s)
Bluelight Ocean
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