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Rarshk ([ra:ʃk])

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Kyadii/Rarshk Language Reference

Here is an initial outline of what we know about the language of the Kyadii. I have yet to collate many words and phrases, disparate as they are at the current year (553AFD). Yet, as little phraseology as we know, what we are convinced about is how key the feline clans played in the events surrounding the Second Destruction.  

What is Kyadii for ‘Kyadii’?

Different names, it seems, have developed over the years. This initially was due to the natural split of North/South (Deenfeiss Leen and the Parrtrof Teeg clans respectfully), and further modifications to terminology sub-divided between the factions within clans, and still more by the tolii of Yi-Kyadii and the anfài residents of Ghryssz.   However, a term both Farynna and K. A. agreed was Rarshk.   Originally, the word Rarshk was Kyadii for the language of the Kyadii not the people, but overtime it became associated with the felines in way nations are often named by their languages or vice-versa.  

What do the Kyadii Call Themselves?

This was much easier to deduce as, naturally, different clans had different names for themselves. So far, I have discovered:     It is not known how these were necessarily originally written, so these have been recorded phonetically.  

Kyadii/Rarshk Pronunciation Guide

Kyadii words are mostly pronounced as written (the ruler of Bezélan at AD 553 would have been overjoyed to learn this, but I digress). However, some sounds are emitted from the throat, or with a trill of the tongue, depending on the clan.  
  • R, usually a "guttural growl", except in the Deenfeiss clan which used a rolled or trilled r, as one may make if attempting to imitate a purr.
  • Ch "throat hiss", (pronounced as per the Foyii pronunciation, not the Authorised version c 549 AFD, Tome XXIII)
  • Gh (often spoken as a Gr, which amused me given the race in question)
  • Kh (except after an incompatible sound, such as shk).
  • Rz: this proved difficult to write phonetically, but it sounds like a “heavy” form of sz.

Other Notes

Original Rarshk does not have a suffix to denote multiples. Instead the number would be specified, or other inference of plurality.
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38 Words.
Example Words
  • Maach:
    To do
  • Grrn:
    hope, small light
  • Feiss:
    Snow, Pure, Purity
  • Dach:
    To agree
  • Rzarch:
    Blade, sharp object
  • Rzichgh:
    The cut, injure or scratch.


Ferrfeiss began to growl until Arrnwarr stroked his cheekbone with the back of a hand-paw.   "Nrr-maach, ah-kurrtz."

Skirmishes and Schisms, Ch 7.


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