Farynna ([fɑːrinæ])

Farynna (a.k.a. Grrn-Deen-Arrn)

Farynna, born as Grrn-Deen-Arrn, is originally from the Kyadii of Sablesand Dunes. At the start of book 1, in 553AFD she is a servant to Frehghan of the Crystal Circle.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised in Sablesand Dunes, South of the Queendom of Shevezz, Grrn-Deen-Arrn was part of the Parrtrof Teeg clan, along with her two parents and brother.  
At the age of eight Ana, however, her father was killed on a hunting trip, vital to provisioning the desert-bound Kyadii. Deemed a disgrace to the clans, her mother was forced into an "honour fight" - a battle to the death to determine if she was fit to take her life-partner's place within the clan. The chief, however, decided to use the event to reinforce his own power and manipulated the fight so Grrn-Deen's mother faced the best hunter the Parrtroff Teeg had in their ranks.
  When her mother was killed, the only way she and her brother could stay within the clan was to be adopted by another family. Only her brother was afforded this chance, meaning the Kyadd was exiled, the first time one so young was sent away. It was through these events that she met Frehghan of The Crystal Circle.  
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Being a survivalist clan, the Parrtrof Teeg's "education" was of a physical nature; the hunting for food, creation of clothes, sustaining a fire (mostly for heat at night time) and fashioning of weapons.   It was, in reality, her adoption by Frehghan that led to her having a "mental education". Being essentially a daughter in all but name, she learned to read, write (as best as hand-paws allowed) and also to speak and understand Foyiitùn. Furthermore, even as a servant, she would secretly study from Frehghan's parchments and books he left open, before tidying them away.   But as her Master would often remind her - education never stops, Farynna is always learning. And she has always had to adapt to changes around her, or forced on her.


At the age of about thirteen Winters, she chose to become a servant to Frehghan of the Crystal Circle. If others had seen the situation they would have called it slavery, but that was never her Master's intention and neither was it Farynna's experience.   She saw herself as being "paid" with food, shelter, education, learning and social opportunities - most of which would not normally be available to a Kyadd in Bezélan, which was mostly populated with Paràntii.   Happy with this arrangement, at 553AFD, Farynna is still in the same role, albeit with greater freedom, trust and access to resources both within the Crystal Circle Tower and throughout Bezélan as a whole.

Morality & Philosophy

"Your word binds you". Farynna would never break a promise, but would also expect the same of others a world of duplicity and betrayal. She saw all life as important, even those who oppose, berate or ridicule her. If a life was in danger and she could help, she would do so regardless of whether they were friend or potential foe.  

Too Selfless

Often "too altrustic", she had a habit of neglecting her needs, especially if she worried about the state of Frehghan. Such a weakness would mean she missed signs if a situation, illness or even a person may come against her. But it also showed in her surprise anytime she received a gift, because she always felt undeserving of such "luxury attention".  

Keep Learning, Keep Quiet

Not knowing Frehghan's intentions, Farynna had to keep quiet about how much she was learning, and her growth in Magecraft. Having read that, in the past, Apprentices would rise in strength and eventually kill their Masters, she did not want others to think that was her plan, which it was not.  

Stay Strong

Lastly, she never neglected her physical training either. She was almost always armed with her Rzarchprl, and her regular walks and carrying tasks ensured she remained strong in body as well as in mind. By 553AFD she would be pushing into the last season of her life had she been in Sablesand Dunes, yet retains much of capability that grew in the first twenty to twenty-five Ana.



Current Status
Serving her master Frehghan at the Crystal Circle Tower.
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
502 AFD 51 Years old
Current Residence
Emerald Green
Long, shoulder-length, wild and black.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Orange fur with black stripes that taper to a point
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  1. Paràntii: even cubs of the Parrtrof Teeg were taught basic Parántii. Although distrustful of the "humans" at best, the Kyadii recognised the need to negotiate over supplies or safe passage with them.
  2. Rarshk: while the native Kyadii language had variants between how her clan and others spoke it, there were ample similarities to be able to communicate without too much misunderstanding.
  3. Foyiitùn: learned while at Crystal Circle Tower, both for written and spoken purposes and for spellcraft and Alchemic arts.

Character Portrait image: by F. J. Brodie (Me)


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