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Erdénaii ([ˈeə[r]]-d[eI]-n[aI])

The Great Resolution

In the Infinite Skies, where live countless other worlds among innumerable stars, the Erdénaii were at war once more. Ever have such powers longed to dominate over the others, to render imbalance through everything in the name of domination and conquest. All save one, that is - the Erdéna known as Orma, the Light. And as the latest war raged on, another power watched on in silence - Aun, the Dark. Orma and Aun often cast harmless rays and shadows to each other, content that each depended on the other and feeling the ripples as the other Erdénaii battled. Oft have beings confused Aun, a simple and necessary absence of Light, with Unbern, the sinister reverberations of evil. Yet for order to exist from the Sky and Air above, to the Ground and Water below, balance must be kept in eternal tension. So while Orma and Aun could not exist at the same time and in the same place, even though they cast shadows, they were eternally aware of their codependence.   Just when it seemed the war between the other powers would never cease, the Five that fought gathered their strength for a final charge. These were Aevyen - Air, Aevyten - Wind, Erdé - Ground, Fyr - Flame and Ousan - Water.   The powers, with the battle being waged against all others, collided. The resulting cataclysm manifested, as it always did in such times, with a new orb being thrust among all others. Each of the Erdéna lost a portion of their strength to this orb, power that they would regain ‘ere another infraction between them took place.

The Erdénaii, the Seven

Through the generations, it has been questioned whether the name which we mortals ascribe to the Seven requires that Erdé be the most powerful. Yet this is a misunderstanding, passed from one generation to the next. For every Great Resolution that occurs, a world is born and its form is given shape and substance by Erdé before the others leave their mark. The Seven are equal and necessary. We draw our strength and owe our survival to the Seven.

The Elemental Crystals

In this Great Resolution was something most unusual. So passionately and fervently had this war been fought that each power bestowed, yet hid, Crystals of such power that to one capable of wielding them, to them was granted the influence over that Element. These were concealed in locations of particularly resplendent nature, yet none so far from its centre, an island near a growing ocean, encircled by rivers forging their way through by the essence of Ousan.   Though they are scient, that is to say, thinking, they could not foresee the creatures and beings that would result as the new world emerged from the Chaos. Thus, to ensure the Seven Elemental Crystals were not put to such designs as to destroy the work of the Great Resolution, they made their homes in the furthest reaches of their accidental creation. This was to distance themselves from one another and ensure they were not enticed into battle on its surface. They still roam the Skies and make war, but are ever conscious of the balance in this world below.

The Pact of Orma and Aun

Thus, with the Great Resolution having completed, Orma and Aun faced off, neither willing to move on the other. The stars held their breath, for a war of Light and Dark could result in an eternal Shadow or Twilight, with the resulting imbalance threatening all things that had been brought into being for all time.   So it was that Orma and Aun, remembering codependence or co-destruction were demanded, formed a pact. Except for a short passage of time in any day on this new world, neither would encroach on the other. The world known only as Erdàn Savànii or Savàni, would be bathed in equal portions of Orma and Aun’s blessings. Each of the Two would hold the other Five in balance as long as the world turned.   Orma, following the example of the Five, hid itself too, in a land where luminosity would conceal it, while Aun found a place unknown to the other Six. This held no sinister motive, but simply in keeping with its nature, exactly the reason where the others chose to abide.  

The Unsettled Peace

Thus with all things Resolved, the Elements watched with intrigue as the new world grew and took shape, waiting to see who would prove worthy of the Seven Elemental Crystals. This became known as the Great Test of the Unsettled Peace, translated into the clumsy Common Speak of today. Yet only Six were ever recovered and Aun trembled with delight, for it knew that only One with great Destiny would discover his Treasure and until that day, true Balance would elude the inhabitants of Erdàn Savànii.   Orma sensed this, but no pact had been agreed upon Savàni’s surface, thus bestowed an extra portion of power into the Crystal of Light, such that no being with dark intent could possess it, much less wield its power. From there it retreated to the stars once more, hoping that war would not once more erupt before it had recovered full strength.   The Erdénaii watched and waited, each making their own mark upon Savàni, such that a more intricate tapestry could never be weaved. One day the Crystals would be found, one day their unintended creation would be tested.   And one day, Aun knew, all Six would require Its intervention to rescue it from self-annihilation.


A myth or belief that the Great Resolution of the Erdénaii gave birth to their star known as Savàni.

Variations & Mutation

Scholars please note that the more modern term Sénakii is interchangeable with Erdénaii.
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