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Aevyormii ([i:vi:eəmi])

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The Aevyormii were the original inhabitants of the lands that now make up southern Qal'ath. The former Nectar Glen is the location where the Capital of Bezélan now stands.  

The Meaning of Aevyormii

The word Aevyormii is based on three word-components of Foyiitùn.
  1. Aevyen: Air, or derived from Aevyten, meaning Wind
  2. Orma or Ormà: Light
  3. ii: denoting a people group, or plurality of the above terms
Therefore approximate acceptable translations are:
  • The People of Wind and Light
  • Light-Wind (People)
  • The Wind of Lights or The Winds of Light.
Air or Wind?
While technically Aevyen translates as Air in Common Tongue, air and wind were often used interchangeably. This is due to the literal translation of Aevyten being "living air".   As the Aevyormii were winged, moving- rather than still air was preferred in its translation.

A Brief Description

The Aevyormii were known to be taller than the average Parànt, covered in downy fur and capable of flight thanks to their two huge wings. While their hands appeared Paràntii, their claws were anything but. Their feet, from what we can discern, could be Parànt-like or closer to those of a Kyadd or wild tiger. Again, sharp claws were a distinguishing factor whether the feet appeared Paràntii or not.  


From disparate records, we know the Aevyormii were what we now call Myst Sensitive and very capable of Elemental Magecraft. We have reason to believe nearly all, if not all, of that race, were, or could be, Mages of varying types. Despite this power, they lived in peace with Nature and with any surrounding peoples, clans and races, so long as they respected Savàni's natural order.   We do not believe they had used conventional, physical weapons. Anything they required was either provided for by the Elements or could be brought into being by careful use of Magecraft.  

Societal Structure

All we can say with certainty is that witnessed by the first conquerors of the land. The Aevyormii (Auskàlii) were a matriarchal society, with a strong female head, supported by two or three key advisors of varying genders and skills. But decision-making was not dictatorial but communal. A decision affecting one affected all.   We have not found any records or relics detailing family life, education or crafting. Any other similar societies we uncovered in the subsequent centuries did not see the need to write down what went on in their lives as they were focused on living them.  

Do They Still Exist?

The reason we call them the Auskàlii nowadays is because that is how they appear to most of us - lizardlike. Where they live we do not know, but their mere appearance at the First Destruction means that they have, in some form or other, survived for as long as Qal'ath has. We knew they flew East after the fight with the White Dragon, but that tells us little of their destination - or even if they're within the Erdàn Savànii or the Unknown Lands.  
A Difference of Opinion
One confusing matter is due to the words chosen above how they appear to most of us. Even reading this parchment, it is clear the description of
covered in downy fur
appears at odds with
how they appear to most of us - lizardlike
This is due to varying eyewitness accounts of survivors of the First Destruction as to the physical description of the Auskàlii. Some corroborated the "feathery, downy" one, while others appeared to see a "scaley" one. The reasons for this have, even over 500 Ana later, yet to be established.  
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