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Naun'àn'èrd ([nɔːn:an:eəd])

As seen in

She of the Few

This article has been placed in the Lore section of the Bezélian Archives, firstly due to its brevity and secondly as it should be considered as a historical piece key in the foundation of Qal'ath. While the appearance of the Aevyormii - those we now call the Auskàlii (or "Original Qalathii") - differ, I have pieced together the pre-curse descriptor from various relics and stones discovered during the delving of Bezélan's foundations.

Naun'àn'èrd/She of the Few

Naun'àn'èrd was the leader of the Aevyormii prior to the founding of our kingdom in 350BFD and was the last of her kind to hold back Qalathian forces by way of shielding magicks. Though this caused her significant distress and injury, with her and her two key aides only just retreating from the battlefield moments before they would have been killed.  

She of the Few

"She of the Few" was a title given to whomever was the leader at that time. This seems to be true regardless of which gender the leader appeared to be. This may have been an attempt to sow confusion, much like how the Woodsmen, even now, do not adopt differing gender-naming in the event of a non-allied force attacking the Forest of Doon.   It seems She of the Few became their leader's name, not just a title, however. This ensured no other civilisation knew who they were dealing with until they met face-to-face with them.  

Appearance Differences

All of the Aevyormii share certain traits:
  1. Downy fur over most of the body (various colours)
  2. Two broad, fingered wings for flight
  3. Parànti-like hands and feet with claws
  4. Having a tail, not simply tail feathers.
However, Naun'àn'èrd stood out due to:
  1. Most of her body being white
  2. Her eyes being pure white, if the records are to be trusted
  3. Having an additional two smaller wings protecting her lower back

The Meaning of Her Name

Assuming no major changes in Foyiitùn's definitions of words, Naun'àn'èrd means "On the ground, there is no dark(ness)".   This could be a "mission statement" about eliminating darkness, though modern Foyiitùn distinguishes between aun (a lack of light) and unbern (evil or immoral). It could also be a reminder to their winged race that there were no hiding places on the ground.

Though no attribution was required KELLEPICS on Pixabay created the woman's head I have used in the header here.
316 BFD 275 BFD 41 years old
The Necter Glen
Place of Death
Pure White
Feathered in silver and pale blue (but not in the shape of wings).
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Snow white down, with two large white, feathery wings.

Known Magecraft
Archaic Kyl-Y-Ormà, Injury Redirection


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