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What Were Lunarblooms Like?

Seemingly only found on what we refer to as Nirryi Isle, Lunarblooms were silvery-blue with large petals which glowed when moonlight shone onto them. During the daytime, these petals were closed with the overlapping petals interlocking or binding somehow. The few drawings we've managed to recover show Lunarblooms of varying sizes but rarely with leaves.  

The Reason for Its Classification

Lunarblooms now only exist in historical record, though we have filed its existence under the Inìtsaun'hèrjii group of flowers - those that either blossom or open their petals under moonlight.  

What Were They Used For?

We have made mention of it, as it seems all of the population within the borders of Qal'ath were used by the Aevyormii to preserve Naun'àn'èrd during the battles at the founding of the Realm.   While our archeologists have yet to find much in the way of carvings or scraps of parchment on the subject, its main application was quasi-medicinal, but in the emergency sense. They were harvested only when one of their number was on the brink of death but the people had determined it was untimely for them to pass at that moment. The placing of the plants onto the patient, followed by some sort of meditation appeared to heal the area the flowers were positioned. If the cause of the near-death was unknown, the Aevyormii would gather as many as possible to cover the body of the afflicted.   Prior to 350BFD, it seems they always left what was recorded as a "critical population" of the plants with herbilore and general "green keepers" being charged to ensure no more were harvested until the population rebounded. At Fyrva 350BFD, Nirryi Isle was stripped of all its Lunarblooms prior to the eastern flight of the Aevyormii.
Lunarblooms, white flowers glowing at night-time. Image free for Commercial use, royalty-free, no attribution required
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Fallen Down of Nectar Glen

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