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The Four

The Four were heads of the four non-mystical pillars of Qalathian society. These were: history and chronicling, philosophy, arts and culture and communication and cohesion.  

Members of The Four

As at 553AFD:  

Chief Archivist Andrychus

Manages the official documentation of the Realm's actions and history. With the most detailed knowledge of Qal'aths official history, he is sometimes brought in to organise the armed troops or as a special advisor for squad deployment.   Or, he would be, were Carnael less lazy and more aware of his borders. Therefore Andrychus also attempts to encourage the King to take action and relay any information from the Crystal Circle they have gleaned from The Lens.

Yan'hoji Néfarae

A Philosopher whose duties centred on moulding society's moral compass through various means, including music and arts. As such endeavours require funds, Néfarae also oversees the Treasury, though usually at arms-length, freeing up the leadership inside the Vault

Orator Prenaeus

Ensured all official communications from the Throne and the Four fully aligned with the King's ideals, presenting even difficult decrees in the most positive light.

Archaeologist Lytania

Manages a team of traditional archaeologists, while she was ultimately responsible for documenting and storing discoveries. She was also tasked with burying artifacts from the current era for future generations to unearth.
  The Four were second in power to the King and could also bring requests to the Crystal Circle. Unlike the mages, however, Carnael II was attentive to the Four's advice. This was due to their meetings happening in private and, as the roles had strict definitions, they were designed to broadly conform to ideals envisaged by the King himself.   Archivist Andrychus is the only one known to have opposed the King to his face. Those matters are not recorded. However, so long as their advice and opinions were driven by improving Qalathian life, or futhering its foreign aims, or just making the Realm seem better, then it would be considered.
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