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Carnael II ([ka:neɪl])

King Carnael II is the ruler of Qal'ath at 553AFD. He governs from the Throne Room of Saf-Athan Palace in the Realm's Capital of Bezélan and has overseen one of the most divisive periods in Qal'ath's history.  

Meaning of His Name

His full "name" is Carnael da Bézel which is, in reality, a title. However, it is still said - and kept on record - that his is the "da Bézel" line, or family.  


Carnael itself is derived from Foyiitùn, or more accurately Qalafoy.  
  • carn: Foyiitùn, meaning justice, fairness or (rarely) equality.
  • -ael: Qalathian, meaning loyalty.
  Thus the name was deemed both an impression he would always act in Bezélan's interests and a demand for loyalty was given in return.

da Bézel

Da is an archaic word meaning "of" or "from", which has been replaced in most cases by an. The Shan da San is a notable exception to this rule.   Bezél (or Bézel) means a "place-point" or "point-place". The name then, along with the Capital (Bezélan translates as the Place of Points) was used to indicate that ultimate authority rested with the King and any disputes or issues would "find their point" (or their end, or conclusion) at the Throne.



Face and Hair

While pale-skinned, mostly due to his avoidance of the outdoors, Carnael is very particular about cleanliness and personal neatness, sometimes to the point of mania. Thus his skin, while becoming old in the way of all Paràntii, has kept a measure of youthfulness through his diet, and obsessive cleaning and drafting in the production of the best salves and lotions for his personal use.  


It is said that Carnael has three expressions: boredom, anger and angry boredom. While a simplification, the arrow strays not too far from the target. He is, after all, the latest in a string of rulers who have been able to be King without needing to be proactive in protecting the Realm.   While he harbours a secretive desire to achieve something, he simultaneously cannot summon the will to do something about that. As such, he finds it irritating whenever someone forces him to think or to act.
Chronicler's Note:
Another point of irony: the Qalathian Army's short-form orders were "think, plan and act", while Carnael II detested two of those principles. Plotting Planning, however, he enjoyed, especially if it furthered some personal agenda. He just didn't want to be involved in seeing his desires realised.
His light-grey hair, broken only by the gasping relics of black strands, reaches to his shoulders in slight waves, but he would never countenance it becoming longer than that for fear that stray hairs would spoil his attire.   Unlike dignitaries or royals of other realms, however, he never lets anyone else assist with more than the washing of his clothes. He dislikes others being so close to him that he even learned to cut his own hair in order that another would not touch it. This has, in the past, led to him passing judgements through the closed door of his chambers following a self-cut that he would name an "illness".  


Carnael does not know the meaning of "relaxed clothing", thus chooses to wear royal robes even when alone in his chambers. The "power of appearances" underlined most of his rule up to 553AFD. Importing and selecting the finest in furs and silks to complement the purple and white marble of the Throne Room floor, Carnael sees himself as both an affluence to aspire to and a symbol of Qal'ath's wealth to visiting people.   Of the various ceremonial crowns and circlets available, Carnael favours the heaviest of all, earning him a name among the people as the "stiff-necked".
Chronicler's Note:
The double-meaning is intentional. Carnael always understood the term as a sign of physical strength and determination. Naturally, 'stiff-necked' also means stubborn, rigid and can cause headaches. By using the double-meaning, those less favourable towards the king had a viable reason for using the term without provoking the authorities.

Without provoking them as much!
The Kings of Qal'ath always have a range of heavy-set jewellery available to them. While his father only wore such adornments for ceremonial purposes, Carnael II selected necklaces, bracelets and sometimes rings based on his choice of clothing for that day.   When he feels particularly vulnerable, he prefers silver chokers. While a softer metal, those worn by past rulers of Qal'ath ensured they were inlaid with sturdier metals or leathers, to better protect the wearer's neck.  

Parents and Early Life

Born in 491AFD, he was an only child, and one for which his mother and father had waited a long time. While never considered a 'miracle baby', they were relieved to say the least, that the da Bézel line would continue without a form of succession struggle after Carnael I's death.  

The Shadow of Imperfection

Despite appearing outwardly strong and decisive, his father, King Carnael (sometimes rendered Carnael I struggled with a lack of self-confidence in his position. Deep down, he believed his wife would have made a better ruler, but Qal'ath had never had a queen and those in the role of The Four at the time, advised against even more change.   The result was he lived in constant fear of failure and was insecure about his weaknesses and failings compared to the strengths he perceived in his wife. But being so afraid, he did not turn this into an expectation of perfection on his son, whom they had also named Carnael.   While both parents agreed on this, his father's motivation was down to believing his son would make a better job of ruling Qal'ath than he had done. Thus Carnael II was, through weakness rather than intent, spoilt and sheltered, in order that he was protected until the day he took on the role of King.  

The Son Excels

While served, pampered and pandered to, Carnael II (as some in the Realm already referred to him) decided from a young age that he had to assert himself and demonstrate his character and strength. This did not detract from the sense of entitlement he had been given - for to some extent (legal limitations not withstanding), the rulers of the nations are entitled to almost anything they demand. But he did not want to be defined by what his parents had given him, but to be respected himself.   Thus it was that he excelled in education, particularly in the areas of facts and reason - history, politics between nations and debating ongoing events in the realm. But it became quickly apparent that in some areas, arguably many areas, he did not deem worthy of his time or effort. Examples include justice and legal balance, crafting with metals and threads, music and understanding other cultures.   Even from his teenage years then, his focus was on influencing other nations without understanding them, asserting his opinion and swaying that of others but not honouring aspects of Qalathian life which could be described as culture.  

Coming to the Throne

It was the death of his mother that ultimately led to his accession. In the year 506AFD, worried about her husband's state of mind, Carnael II's mother cancelled several planned excursions. Some were diplomatic and others were personal, but she wanted to stay and support him. Records indicate that he had tried to dissuade her, but those same records show he had forbidden the scribes or archivists from writing his reasons.   From only one month after that decision, her physical health began to deteriorate, while her mind remained alert. Physicians and so-called "practical healers" - those not employing magicks or Elemental techniques - were called and none could account for the sudden change in her condition. Despite their best efforts, The Crystal Circle of the time caught wind of this some weeks later and arrived at Saf-Athan Palace demanding to see the King's Lady - a demand which was willingly granted by a frantic Carnael I.   From the shadow of one of the pillars their son could only watch, knowing that both of his parents were losing their grip on life. By the time the Circle were involved, they announced it was non-remediable and worked with the Physicians to delay the effects of his mother's illness and to ease her suffering.   Within ten months of her decision to cease travelling, his mother, racked with pain and having shrunk from the effects of the disease, finally passed and her ceremonial burial was carried out with great sadness. All the while, her son hardened his heart. The loss of her advice, comfort and compassion had a scarring effect on his father too, and he gave up wanting to even live. But he took his position, inept though he felt, very seriously and thus worked with The Four to prepare his son for his accession, which was publicly announced. One month later, Carnael II was crowned King of Qal'ath, a pinprick of hope for a nation who had only recently lost its mother, one of their treasured leaders.   At the age of just 51 Ana, three months after his son's coronation, Carnael I passed also. Being unable to find a physical cause, and being aware that he had been rational in all his recent judgements, the official cause of death was a "Loss of Hope".  
Article Sections
What is the Contrafaith?
A belief not only in the non-existence of deities or the supernatural, but that others ought not believe in them either. In Carnael's case, this extended to Elemental existence, causing friction with the Crystal Circle.
Current Status
Ruling from Saf-Athan Palace
Current Location
62 Ana
Current Residence
Pale Blue
Grey-black, well groomed and shoulder-length.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white skin
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

Fiction Appearances

Chronicler's Note: While it would have been denied - and, in fact, has been by virtue of its absence on record - it is clear to me that Carnael's mother passed on due to Elemental Essence Degradation. Whether she had hidden her Elemental Alignment, or had been requested not to speak of it we shall never know. She was known for taking groups of friends on "walking escapes" that almost always included the extremes of cold and heat.   This does beg the question of whether she was a rare blessing, one with three Elements granting her strength: Aevyen, Ousii and Fyr. Again, that secret may well die when Carnael II does.   Had his father been more accommodating of mages, he may well have saved his own mind from that trauma, along with his son's for that matter.

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