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Risehope Docks

Risehope Docks (or "Dock") were at the foot of Crescent Cliffs outside the West Gate of Bezélan. It was the only such port in all of Qal'ath, with other "docks" being just simple moorings. It was built mostly of stone, with the initial landing area simply being a platform of sorts, with a ramp down to sea level to assist with embarking and disembarking to and from vessels. After that were three archways leading to a stone square where the Royal Inspectorate would conduct searches of wares to ensure no illicit goods entered the Capital by this route. All the area outside the West Gate was designated as Risehope Docks so people could be questioned or searched at any point once they were within it.   Having cleared the Royal Inspectorate, goods could be either carried up the One Hundred Steps into the Capital itself, or loaded into the Great Wheel. This was an invention designed to pull up goods, while carefully lower down empty (or sometimes full) containers. In its first incarnation, the Great Wheel required three strong people to rotate the pulley.

Connected Ports

From Risehope, passengers could find Slùpe ferries to Traders Square, the Pass of Lyth and the Wild Marshes. While technically one could travel to the Queendom of Shevezz via the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean, in practice it was only trading vessels, or the large Water Carriers that made this journey.  

Isle of Ghrrysz

There was one other route - that to the Isle of Ghrrysz. However, that was only for designated officials and royal representatives and the port at the island was heavily guarded to bar unauthorised vessels and people.

Connected Locations in the City

Only The Mingling was directly connected to Risehope, therefore all manner of people came through its gates. The only exception would be royal representatives, or similar, of Qal'ath or from other nations, who would be welcomed through Faiqal Gates instead.


Risehope may only be accessed either by boat from the Grànousii-an-Ormàszil Ocean or from the West Gate/The Mingling. Clearly any being capable of flight would have little problem reaching it too.
by F. J. Brodie
Alternative Names
Risehope (with no other words), Risehope Dock (singular form)
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
White Stone, Granite and Mahogany
Passenger Vessel
Authorised Sea Routes
Traders Square, Pass of Lyth, Wild Marshes
Unauthorised Routes
Isle of Ghrrysz
Leads to
The Mingling, Beux-Nysz Abodes, Ashilvyai Abodes, Rai-Sutiyé-
Stone Walls, Projectiles from the Wheel and West Gate
Defence Vessels

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