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Crystal Circle Tower

The Crystal Circle Tower, or Crystal Tower, was circular and conical, with spiralling steps around some of the outside and in. It stood on a nameless island North of Bezélan that just became known as "Crystal Circle Island". Its name is derived not from the materials used in its construction but on its purpose: the homes and meeting place of the Crystal Circle.  

Enchantments on the Tower

The tower itself appears to be made from old stone and to be in a state of disrepair. Yet, upon entering it, the inside was well-tended and homely, except for the Circular Chambre itself near the top of the Tower.
Chronicler's Note: This enchantment has led to a dissonance between artists' impressions of the structure. Some show broken stone and warped wood, while others indicate ornate carvings and polished stone steps. Ultimately, only those who worked in the Tower and those with the ability to see through such enchantments would know for sure what the tower looked like.
  While members of The Crystal Circle were often away from the Tower, this was their headquarters, if one could call it that, simply because it was rare for all six members of the Circle to be present at the same time. Nevertheless, the enchantment over the Tower was such that it would sometimes appear to be guarded by one or more Elements, and dissuaded any who would look to plunder its knowledge, or threaten the Circle or their servants.  

Who Worked Here?

While the Crystal Circle used the tower for rest, study, alchemy and joint Elemental Influence work, the day-to-day practical tasks were handled by the Kyadii servants Klor'asq and Farynna. These have worked with the Circle most of their lives at 553 AFD, with Farynna being biologically about 46 Ana (officially 51) and Klor'asq being approximately 8-10 Ana younger.   While visitors were welcome, a large proportion of the citizens of Qal'ath lived mostly unaware of who lived and worked in the Crystal Tower, leading to most calling it a "witches coven" or worse.

Key Non-Sleeping Chambres


Parapet: The Lens

Atop the Crystal Tower sat The Lens, a combination of alchemic engineering and elemental magicks. It was used predominantly by Frehghan to seek out dangers across Qal'ath's territory. Farynna was also capable of harnessing it and, while only occasionally doing so on request, would more frequently do so in her own time.


Both Jakarrn and Frehghan had libraries of books, scrolls, parchments and other assortments. While they were Crystal Mages, they also believed in the importance of knowledge and learning of other topics, such as history, mathematics and language. Chemistry formed part of Frehghan's work which he combined with Elemental magicks in various experiments.


The kitchens were mostly below ground, though the entrance was on the ground floor. It was here that Farynna prepared meals for the Crystal Circle and readied water for cleaning purposes. The kitchens also became something of a common area as they were larger than most other rooms, aside from the Circular Chambre, which even the Mages did not use for casual catchups.

The Circular Chambre

The top floor of the Tower was the Circular Chambre - one that took up the whole circumference available at that level. This was where the Circle "officially" met for discussions, strategy and to unite their Crystals for the betterment of the Realm. In order to ensure their safety, any Mage engaging with Linking would do so from this room, with at least one other Mage keeping watch.
Crystal Circle Tower (Artist's Impression)
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