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Jakarrn ([jaka:n])

Jakarrn (pronounced ya-karn in Common Tongue/Parànti) is a female member of The Crystal Circle and the Guardian Mage of the Crystal of Sky.  


Jakarrn is pushing two hundred Ana old, while, at 553AFD she has the appearance of a Paràntii in their seventies. This is a result of being the Guardian Mage of the Crystal of Sky (Ethkiekai).   The Elemental Crystals prolong the natural life of Guardians, but do not prevent them from dying of other causes such as aggressive diseases or physical attacks.  


While officially recorded as Paràntii in the Bezélian Archives, her father had been, in fact Foyii / Woodsmen, of the Foyruszii clan, making her one of very few Foyi-paràntii in the Realm of Qal'ath*.  

The Crystal of Sky

Of all the Elemental Crystals, hers is the least understood, mostly because most do not consider the Sky (or skies to be more accurate) as an "Element", or "element". Yet her experience, and those Guardian Mages who went before her attest to it being a necessary "tendon" in the "Body of the Six". Jakarrn herself documented:
It appears that, without the Sénakai an-Ethkyiel, the other Crystals are diminished in power. This is especially true of the Crystal of Water and that of Wind. True climate management may even be impossible without it.

The Sword of Sky

Also unusual to The Crystal Circle is that Jakarrn does not carry her Primary Crystal - the full Elemental embodiment - on her person. Instead she relied on her attunement and Elemental Shards. As the Primary Crystal is an integral part of the so-called "Sword of Sky", it is kept hidden away and only rarely retrieved for re-attunement or if the full Crystal's presence was required at a Circle Gathering.   The Sword itself is an intricately-wrought silver and steel weapon. The Crystal of Sky was positioned at the cross-point of the hilt and encrusted with True-Gold, this vein running in twists around the hilt and ultimately down to the tip of the blade. Thus its Elemental Energy could be harnessed by a Guardian Mage as well as wielded as a traditional sword that was both tough, thanks to its traditional materials, and light to carry, due to the precious metals.
The power of an Elemental Crystal is not transferred by simply possessing it. The Crystal chooses its bearer to be a conduit of its power. As Jakarrn did not struggle to spend sufficient time under clear skies - or even partial cloud cover - she rarely felt the need to carry such an ostentatious weapon on her person. Moreover, she had never desired to learn swordplay, rendering even the basic practical use of the Sword of Sky redundant.
Elemental Reactor
Due to its sensitive nature, however, it could not be concealed as anything other than a mystical relic. Were it to be wielded by a malevolent actor, or paired with a destructive weapon, it would appear as black as a starless night sky, despite the radiant metals used in its forging. Therefore Jakarrn chose not to carry it, rather than risk it falling into the hands of the wrong person.  

Character Traits

Jakarrn is somewhat of a contradiction, at least to any not knowing her. A lover of the outdoors, she prefers to spend time out in nature even if she is in poor health and detests the need for formalities and meetings. However, the unity of The Crystal Circle was one of her top priorities, necessitating regular gatherings. Moreover, it was not uncommon to find her in the Bezélian Archives or the Vault of Bezélan when needing to study.  

Gruff to Know

Jakarrn can be really difficult to truly understand, let alone get close to. She keeps most people at more than an arm's length - a "Spear's Length" in fact, to use her words. Yet to the few she felt comfortable being herself around, they speak of her being compassionate and caring, especially to creatures of Nature or those whose lifestyles honoured Nature. It was this trait that had endeared her to the Woodsmen, Ki-E-Vwa in particular. And, while it was not formally recognised by King Carnael, it had been the liaising of Jakarrn that had prevented the Qalathii-Foyii schism to worsen.   But she is not rude to strangers or visitors to the Crystal Tower, though if a representative of Qal'ath arrives without prior notice, they may initially be treated to a bout of her sarcasm.  

Bird-Speech, Sky-Speech

Whether through her mixed Foyii heritage, or as a result of her Elemental Crystal, Jakarrn is able to converse with the birds of the air, a skill only truly shared with Claris in the Circle. It is in this way that she is able to keep tabs on various comings and goings-on in the Realm no matter how far and wide she sojourned.
While this skill is known commonly as "Bird-Speech", technically it was also named "Sky-Speech", as it was not limited to feathered flying creatures only. It was because her words were understood that her childhood village was spared a crop ravage by the now-existinct Skàllaii (wing-lizards). That event paved the way for her eventual identification of being Myst Sensitive and, ultimately, joining the Crystal Circle.

Servant and Master

Jakarrn is Master to a Kyadii servant, Klor'asq. Unlike the rapport between Farynna and Frehghan, Jakarrn and Klor'asq's fell more into the traditional roles expected by their positions. However, Jakarrn keeps a very loose grip on her Kyadd, distracted as she is by her various roles and obligations. Klor'asq is often sent into Bezélan and other neighbouring villages on errands. So long her required tasks were well-completed, she does not ask how he used his 'free' time. Although parts of her personal library are restricted, she is not as unaware of his perusing of them as he thinks.
"Jakarrn is difficult to work for. Sometimes she appears kind and other times uncaring. But, I have to admit, she has never asked anything unreasonable from me. I ought to really consider myself free, the way the other one* does, but the truth is I am not. I could have a worse master, I suppose. But Jakarrn is no Frehghan, and I cannot help but be envious."   (A note, penned by Klor'asq, uncovered from the Tower at an undated point after 533AFD)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Given her Primary Crystal is locked away, Jakarrn usually has an Elemental Shard (of Sky/Ethkiel) on her person. Through her connection to the Sénakai-an-Ethkiel (sometimes shortened to Sénaketh) and the Shard, any incantations are mostly carried out without a physical "focus". This enabled her to hide in a crowd as just "another old woman", while ensuring, as best as she could, to not be defenceless against someone with superior physical strength to her own.


Hobbies & Pets

Animals are not meant to be restricted. They were created to be free, thus the over-domestication of creatures simply for personal comfort or companionship deprives 'pets' of their original reason for their existence. Making friends from birds and animals, however, is a different matter entirely. After all, one does not enslave another person by becoming friends with them. The same applies to creatures of Nature. It would do us much good to acknowledge that we are not masters of the Elements, but are simply part of Nature.  
  • Jakarrn
  • Wealth & Financial state

    As with all Crystal Circle Mages, Jakarrn possesses little. Most of her "wealth" was in her personal library, scrolls and materials for constructing arcane objects. Finding a seller for such items would be difficult at best - even to an "underground" merchant, for resale would quickly expose the original source of the products, thus endangering their own lives.
    Page Sections
    Current Status
    En route to the The Forest of Doon.
    Current Location
    Other Ethnicities/Cultures
    Currently Held Titles
    Date of Birth
    8th Autùnga
    Year of Birth
    360 AFD 193 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Born to a Foyii father and Paràntii mother, she was born at the Stones of Myrn by Chance.
    Current Residence
    Pale Blue with white rings around the iris.
    Shoulder-length, straight, near-black hair, tapering to a point at the nape of the neck. Some strands of her hair appear blue under certain light conditions. She sometimes pins the back of the hair up to allow the breeze to touch her neck.
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Dark skinned, wrinkled.
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
    First Language: Common Tongue/Parànti (Fluent) Second Language: Foyiitùn (Rusty)
    It should be noted in this document that such intermingling was more common in the Byantē Alliance, simply due to their societal make-up and the general cohabitation of multiple species. The Paràntii and Foyii have no known biological issues with cross-reproduction as exists with the Kyadii and Falondii. Mixed partnership had, in previous generations of the Foyverii (moreso than the Foyruszii) been more common, which has been deemed a factor in their reduced life expectancy.
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