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Authorised Mage

Authorised Mages were those with Myst Sensitivity, having trained and become established and were permitted to practice their arts within the Realm. They existed to contrast against Unauthorised Mages who practised without such permission. While many within Qal'ath attributed the creation of Authorised Mages to Carnael II, in reality, several rulers prior to him had enforced it also. This was not simply a census for mild interest, but to ensure that mystical arts were only carried out in ways they could control. Or be seen to control.  

Which Territories Had this Title?

Only Qal'ath. In Byanté Territory, all citizens were free to use their arts, so long as they did so in accordance with the laws of the lands. And in Shevezz, magecraft was not encouraged at all - though it was also not illegal. They prefered scientific, research-based solutions to problems rather than the "instability" of sorcery.


While there were no examinations to pass to become a recognised Mage, Authorized Mages were required to undergo a day-long gathering with The Four to be educated on the legal framework in which they were permitted to practice. They were then added to a record of names and must report every Ana on their use of spells, magecraft, conjury and other related arts.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

An Authorised Mage could be stripped of their right to practice within the Realm at any time. Even under the fickle rule of King Carnael II this rarely happened on a whim. A Mage controlled was better than one uncontrolled. Nevertheless, if a Mage were found to be using their crafts in a way not permitted by The Four, yet not technically illegal, then they would be stripped of their rights. Not that this stopped them from practising, obviously, but it did mean they were more warily monitored, rather than trusted to fall in line.
Magical, Professional
Active. But with the number of Mages seemingly in permanent decline, it will soon fall into disuse.
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