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Faiqal Gates (Fye-kall Gayts)


Fáiqal was pronounced fair-kal, though no trilled ‘r’):


The huge main gates of Bezélan , whose name meant “Iron-stone” in Foyiitùn - the Language of the Woodsmen . This was imagery only, as their stone masons wouldn't countenance mixing the two, except to reinforce edges or other weak spots. Besides, the gates were usually left open, mostly for trade, though naturally it was not left unguarded.   It was at the top of a flight of steps up the hill that ascended at the same as the Crescent Cliffs the city was built atop.

Purpose / Function

As the main way into the city - and the most accessible - naturally it was the first line of defence (after the advantage to being at the top of a slight incline) against any attack. It also helped guards to notice any on the "wanted" list who were foolish enough not to take the slower, but less-guarded way in "round the back".
Alternative Names
Fickle Gates (Colloquial)
Room, Military, Gatehouse
Parent Location

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