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Rai-Sutiyé (Rye-Sooteeyay)

Rai-Sutiyé literally translates as “The King’s Support” in Foyiitùn and is a key location within Bezélan.   It was designed to be simultaneously an enquiry post for visitors and a controversial “Social Filtering” system. This system was discriminatory but only those aware of it could complain about, or support it. At this point in the Capital, citizens and visitors were instructed to proceed through one of two gateways. One led to the homes of Ashilvyai or Beux-Nysz and other districts for the well-off. The other filtered people to Verbé Gardens and Uranbé-Kur.   Thus, in effect, poor people were segregated from the rich, a practice King Carnael did not oppose until AFD554.
Room, Military, Guardhouse
Parent Location

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