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Rai-Plytz Market ([r][aI]pl[i]ts)

Rai-Plytz (King’s Square) was an overblown name of a Market in Bezélan . In reality, this was a cheap hawker’s bazaar catering to citizens of Bezélan Minor and Ragged Row.  

Where Is Rai-Plytz?

This market can be found in North-East (Nuormést) of Bezélan, with Uranbé-Kur to the West/Oest and Ragged Row to the South/Sùdà. It was also known as "the back door to the Capital" as its gate led to Tolipòr just outside the City walls.  


Rai-Plytz had its own Warden Post, which ensured that any violence was prevented from becoming deadly. Aside from that, however, the Wardens were hands-off.   Additionally, the Neophytes from the Bezélian Army would patrol this corner of the Capital during training exercises, as a small passageway connected Rai-Plytz with the Barracks.  

Linguistic Note

Rai-Plytz is not Qalafoy - a joining of Qalathian and Foyiitùn languages - but Qalashev, a combination of Qalathian and Shevezzi word forms.

Purpose / Function

Rai-Plytz was where the less scrupulous sellers of goods could attempt to flog their goods, though even those required permission from the Wardens to trade there. Such writs were easy to obtain during the reign of Carnael II given the King's disinterest in the poorest within Bezélan.   Permitting such a market self-managed the segregation of the city, along with the fact that no one who lived in Uranbé-Kur, Ragged Row or Bezélan Minor would be able to afford the goods officially traded in the second circle or The Mingling.
Alternative Names
King's Square (Market)
Market square
Parent Location
Connected Rooms
Owning Organization

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