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Kaal Navià ([kal næ:vIa])

The name Kaal Navià comes from a combination of Foyiitùn, Common Tongue and Qalathian terminology:
  • Kaal: A stronghold or fortress
  • Na: no, the absence of, nothing
  • Via: way or route.
As a prison, the name effectively means "a stronghold with no way (out)".

Purpose / Function

Kaal Navia was the "permanent" prison of Bezélan, for criminals convicted and sentenced to crimes against the nation of Qal'ath, but for whom the death penalty did not apply.   While those arrested having been suspected of a crime were held in the Holds on the other side of the Capital, the guilty were held close to the centre of the city, where they could be heavily guarded.


As with much of Bezélan, especially the less glamourous or desirable parts, Kaal Navià was mostly underground. The prison had three floors, with only the ground-level cells having any source of daylight. Thus, only those with short-sentences, or due to be released, were kept on that level. This afforded them a view of the Public Court, as a reminder of the consequences of reoffending.   The top floor was constructed with the same white stone that the Capital was renowned for. However, below that point other strong stonework had been used, leading to the city's very foundations.   The name "no way out" was very accurate, because even the underground tunnel system did not skirt anywhere near Kaal Navia so any convicts who thought to claw or dig their way out would never be successful in their endeavours.


There was one route in and one route out. That was the heavily guarded and secured gate on its Southern side on ground level.
Alternative Names
Bezélan Prison
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
Below the ground floor, the dark was all consuming, with breathing proving difficult the lower down one ventured. Naturally, therefore, only the worst criminals were kept on the lowest levels. The low levels of air were not fatal, because despite its social inequalities, if justice had been served in the Public Court, then a criminal unworthy of the death penalty was not subjected to that by other means.   The floors and walls did have very narrow vents to avoid suffocation, but the pressure did help keep even the most aggressive inmates in a more sedate state.  

The Cleanest Prison

Despite being a prison - and the general reputation of similar cells across the Erdàn Savànii - Kaal Navià was kept as clean as possible and rat free. The healers at Elemental Binding had long succeeded in employing the use of cats into the prisons for pest control, and also for regular bathing and clothes cleaning for the inmates. They argued that, should the cells become infected, then the guards would transmit those diseases to the population of the Capital. So, in the name of the good of the free citizens of Bezélan, good hygiene was maintained.
Connected Rooms
Owning Organization

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