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Public Court

The Public Court was found in the second "circle" of Bezélan and was a mostly unsheltered courtyard where criminal trials were held. Citizens of Ragged Row could climb a tower from the Row that overlooked the Court to watch the procedings as the route to the second circle was not available to them and, even if they were to make the attempt, would take a very long time.   Connected to the the Public Court was the prison of Kaal Navià, a small garrison of Wardens and Elemental Binding. The binding rooms were used both for "normal" patients and for the suspects or actual convicts should their health fall below the standard required for them to stay in Kaal Navià. Often those who stood trial needed treatment, whether they were deemed guilty or not. The nature of public trials was such that the accused were deemed guilty by the spectators, even before any of the proceedings had commenced. Thus, the throwing of various items, sometimes even weapons, led to injuries that required the attention of the Binders. The Public Court's position near the Wardens helped guard against escape attempts.


The public court is open on the Southern side to all permitted within the second Circle of Bezélan. The connected Warden post could reach it from the immediate North and any criminals kept on the top level of Kaal Navià and near the gate could watch proceedings from the "comfort" of their cell.   The entrance to the Inner Circle of the Capital was on the South-Western point of the Public Court, allowing for the release of Royal Guards should additional security during proceedings be urgently required.   There are no entrances to the Public Court on either the East or West sides.


The Public Court was already surrounded by the city's walls on three sides so these were made of the usual white and pale-grey stone. As it was situated from the edge of Elemental Binding's gardens, it had become necessary to cobble the floor of the courtyard, both to prevent Nature from overgrowing it and to clean up the mess left behind from any fighting or object-throwing that occured during a trial. Aside from that, there was no need for any particular architectural attention, in a "function over form" approach - possibly one of the only public parts of Major to apply that rule.


Believe it or not, tourists were often intrigued by the method of trials that took place at the Public Court. While other realms and societies around Qal'ath tried the accused in private, or at least closed, spaces, the spectacle afforded at Bezélan was sometimes seen akin to watching a stage-play. While whoever presided over a trial attempted to maintain a semblance of order, the combination of witnesses, the public and the citizens of Bezélan Minor observing from their wall meant such a task with nigh impossible.
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