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Hera'llyn ([heralin])

(a.k.a. Hera)

Hera'llyn is one of the six Guardian Mages of The Crystal Circle as at 553AFD and is the youngest of all at the age of 45 (calendar Ana, not by appearance, See Guardian Mages).   She is the current holder of Aevyenkai - the Crystal of Air in Avigna 553AFD.


Hera'llyn is about 5'10", with dark skin and ice-blue eyes. While her facial features are gentle and kindly, under her loose-fitting robe, she is muscular - a trait derived from the natives of her brithplace, the Grànath Rensédaii. While she changes her hairstyle often, she does not hide one of her unusual appearance traits: strands of pale-blue hair among the black ones.   She takes pride in her appearance and often uses coloured powders and pastes as makeup. This was not to do with attracting attention to herself, but because she enjoyed the creativity before the start of a working day.   ^ Top

Guardian of Aevyen

As a member of the Crystal Circle her role is to work with the others to maintain Elemental Balance for Qal'ath.   ^ Top

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A Lost Home

While Hera'llyn was born in what is now known as Grànath Rensédaii (the Ruined City), her birthtown was destroyed when she was just three Ana old by a rockslide from Rockfall (note), forcing her family to relocate. Being a diverse City, its people were scattered all over the Erdàn Savànii, with some rumoured to have even gone into the Unknown Lands.  

Surviving in Shevezz

Hera'llyn's parents, having both survived, fled to Shevezz City, choosing to trek to the Ward of the Queen rather than risk traversing the Northern edge of Sablesand Dunes. They settled in quickly, with both Hera's parents finding work at Hex-Alc, the sea-platform where many alchemic studies and experiments were undertaken.  

Virtual Outcast

Feeling displaced, Hera'llyn struggled to make friends. Where employers overlooked (or simply "did not see") her parents skin colour, local children were not as accepting of her darkskin. That this was contrasted with her bright blue eyes, a combination never seen before in Shevezz, marked her something of an outcast.   Thus, she sought solace in nature, walks along the docks and her studies.     ^ Top


Hera'llyn initially learned through the education system common to all Shevezzi children. At the age of fifteen, she chose to study with the department of Experimental Artifice at the rank of Observer. Initiates were required not just to watch their superiors, but to record data accurately and learn to reproduce the methods employed by them, even if identical results were not expected.  

From Observing to Leading

However, Hera soon became bored with observing, as well as dissilusioned with what she saw was a lack of vision on behalf of the Artificers. In her opinion, these scientists saw the results of tests as ends in themselves, rather than opening up new avenues of research.   Sensing this shift in her focus, and having demonstrated the required aptitude, she was promoted. This allowed her to make propositions to the decision-makers for possible avenues of enquiry and to be assigned to a team who could research those subjects.  

Saving Shevezz City

It was in this capacity that Aevyenkai came into her possession, along with the staff which would hold the Crystal. With a natural affinity to Wind, she, with the support of colleagues and, most importantly, the magecraft of her parents guiding her, she prevented a rock slide from the Skarkla Bykla destroying East Shevezz in AFD525, aged just seventeen Ana.  

From Shevezz to Qal'ath

Though the Queendom of Shevezz was not averse to magecraft, with some even holding high positions, it was not a proactive actively encouraged either. However, both the decision-making bodies of the education system and Experimental Artifice promoted the idea of "Continual Learning" and "Gift Identification".   Being grateful to Hera'llyn for saving the city, through her unique synthesis of scientific and spell-drawn practices, they decided to sponsor her to undertake education in Qal'ath. This was the nearest principality to the Queendom that was respected sufficiently by Shevezz (and excluded Zykyrn Pilkarrz).   Thus, within one Ana of her heroics, she journeyed to Qal'ath to continue her studies. ^ Top
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Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
508 AFD 45 Years old
Current Residence
Ice Blue with a fube extra kube if white around the Iris, only visible at night or bright sunlight.
Black, tinted with Pale Blue. Always kept clean and brushed. Style changes according to her mood and responsibilities.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark skin.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common Tongue Ancient Shevezzi Foyiitùn

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