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Stags and Does

Chronicler's Note: This document pertains to those referred to as "the Stags" and "the Does" (with a capital 'S' and 'D') - i.e. those with the ability to converse with Paràntii-like species in their own words. While they may share some physiological similarities with 'natural' deer, their sentience and horns mark them as unique among land-bound creatures.
  The Stags and Does have long been a partial mystery, even to the learned and those attuned to Nature and Erdé. Yet, the Erdàn Savànii are enriched by their presence and they only ever act in their defence. What follows is an attempt to outline what we know.  


Both Stags and Does are tall, slim and majestic with sleek brown fur. The Stags' fur changes with age; while most of it remains brown, streaks of grey and then pale blue begin to develop, which is explained below.   While males and females possess long, twisting horns, the males are far longer. These have multiple purposes:  
  • Most obviously, for self-defence and for the protection of others (not necessarily only Stags or Does).
  • For drawing others to their position. Due to their running speed, the whole species possesses extremely strong, muscly legs. Thus if a Stag required aid - or attention - rearing up with their antlers held high would be answered by any within view.
  • Sensing the Wind's direction and, we believe, aiding in enhanced hearing ability.
  No other deer species within the Erdàn Savànii shares the same shape of horns as the Stags. Thus, if you encounter such horns, you know which Stags are before you.  

Aevyten-Attuned Landspeed

Being a creature of Nature first and foremost, the Stags' primary Elemental Attunement is that of the Land, or Erdé to give it the correct name. However, it is their Aevyen (Air) sensitivity that sets them apart from other land-bound creatures. While they cannot fly, when necessity calls, they draw on Aevyten (Wind) and can run otherwise unnaturally quickly.   It is because of this that they can run from Antler Pastures to The Forest of Doon in one Ur, or thereabouts, whereas marching on foot would take a well-trained soldier half a day.  

Limitations of Landspeed

While one could not say the Stags use incantations, drawing on this ability is effectively spellcasting. Thus they, as with any Mage, must take time to rest and replenish their resources. No known case of Elemental Essence Degradation in Stags (nor Does) has been recorded. The primary thought behind this is creatures of nature are generally better at sensing their survival instincts, not only against predators but any actions of their own which could threaten themselves.  

Geographic Spread

The land of Kaazélshàn, or Antler Pastures, is their domain. As such, it is defined as a "Micro-Nation". However, during some mating seasons, and for the purposes of early-day rearing, Does migrate to Forest of Doon due to it being less exposed than Antler Pastures.   Some Foyverii offer to be on-hand should the Does require assistance, otherwise, they are simply part of the fluctuations of the natural order of Doon.  

Sentience and Speech

The Stags are currently the only known creature of Nature who can converse using the words of Paràntoids. Unlike the Mìsii, no intermediary is required, nor must any special language (e.g. Sky-Speech) be learned by non-Stags. As they appear unique in this regard, it is unknown how they came to possess this ability. Theories are wild and varied, but it is just easier to accept that they can speak with us and treat them accordingly.   For their part, over the decànà and centuries, the Stags have learned to understand many languages, believing that discourse is more favourable than action to resolve many disputes.   That said, they know when a more proactive stance is required and, if necessary, will do so.  

Authority Structure

Currently, and historically, one male Stag leads the whole Herd. While they've never called that position "King" themselves, other nations have found it simpler to refer to the leader using that term.
Chronicler's Note: The Stags themselves prefer to use the term 'Lord', but as such titles are often used for important, but not overall leadership terms for many nations, I use the term 'King' to aid the reader's understanding of their society.
The current King is Kaavelrai, a name which although it sounds like a title, was his given name prior to being elected as King. Usually, a King is surrounded by a small number of stronger Stags or Does in order to give and receive counsel and to make decisions for the whole Herd.  
Could Their Be a Queen?
As far as we can tell, there is no societal reason that a "Queen" could not rise to that position. Who made up this "inner circle" is discussed under Passing On below.  
Passing On
No successor was decided - or even discussed - prior to the current leader rejoining the Elements. This was to prevent division and power struggles between individual Stags when the whole Herd needed consideration. Once a leader had rejoined the Elements, all Stags and Does would join together to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of all adults present.   The Acorn System
After that discourse, a small number were shortlisted and voted on using the "Acorn" system: Two Acorns per adult and One Acorn per non-suckling juvenile. Oak Trees were found in Antler Pastures which permitted this process. In the event that the season was not favourable, alternatives could be used, with pebbles, flowers and leaves being clear choices.   "No Loser" System
Whichever candidate had the most acorns became the new leader - with the other candidates forming the "inner circle". This gave them honour, rather than invoking a feeling of "losing" - and ensured that most voices within the Herd would be listened to, as it was the Herd that had shortlisted them.  

Allies, Not Partners

While their ability to use the languages of Paràntoids still has no obvious historical root, the true mystery of the Stags is where their allegiances lie.   From an outsider's perspective, it appears that they keep themselves to themselves, except when forced by necessity to mingle with others. And yet the Foyii regard them as fellow defenders of their Forest.   They will rarely be drawn on the subject of who "deserves" their intervention, especially as, normally, they do not involve themselves in the battles between nations or peoples. Generally, however, they will intervene against anyone who threatens either Nature itself, or Elemental Balance.   Thus, no one people group can claim to have the Stags as "partners" who can be called upon without question. They are, however, Allies, so long as a common cause exists with the Stags. And one must understand that sharing a common cause does not mean they will assist in other non-shared issues.  

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Antler Pastures
Qal'ath Ikà Doon Region Map
My "core" region, which includes Qal'ath, The Forest of Doon and The Verdant Hills - Bevérohii. These areas are the focus of book one of The Chronicles of Qal'ath.


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