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Brùha Foyblànii

The Brùha Foyblànii, or Wood of the White Leaves (White Wood, for short) is found East of Frostplain. It is the home of the Foyblànii and Aillànté (Great Hawks).  

Alternative Name

This wood is also referred to as the Bruhaii Anblàn, the "Woods of Snow", or the "Woods of White". By this name it is also closely associated with the nearby hamlet of Anblàn/Nysz-Elel.
blàn in Foyiitùn can be translated as 'white', 'snow' and 'pure'. This is why you will find Common Tongue provides variations of name, even for the same species.


Though the White Wood is home to some of the Pines found in The Forest of Doon, the majority of trees are White Maple and Snow Palm, both of whom have white foliage all year round.   Thus, even in a milder winter, or a year of lesser snowfall, it retains its "winter wood" feel. It also ensures the protection of similarly-coloured creatures by maintaining their camouflage.  

The Foyblànii

The Foyblànii are a clan of Woodsmen who make their homes here.   While mostly Paràntii, their numbers do feature some from other races, notably Kyaevy, a Deenfeiss Leen Kyadii.   This clan is well known in the nearby Realms for its squadrons of Hawk-Riders, an airborne scouting and attack force that ensures the protection of its wood and searches for threats to the allies of the Foyblànii.    


Native Species

While home to many species of animals and birds, there are two of particular note as they do not only feature in this forest.  


Except for the Foyii, most presume the Blàmìs and the Aszilmìsii to be on a hibernation "rotation" in the Forest of Doon.   In reality, the Blàmìsii (or Snowbirds) usually live in the Brùha Foyblànii. When Winter arrives in Doon, a proportion of them settle there for the colder months, taking over the relaying of messages from the Bluebirds.
Chronicler's Note: This is a juvenile Blàmìs, though a few retain this look well into adulthood. An adult Snowbird can sometimes take the appearance of a small dove, so is much slimmer. The reasons for the variation have never been questioned, because the Foyblànii simply accept nature as it is, unless something needs rebalancing.


White Foxes are native to both Doon and the Brùha Foyblànii, but do not migrate between the two. In Doon they do hibernation in Spring and Summer, but in the White Woods, there is no need for this.   Despite being presumed to be a predator of the Blàmìsii, the Snowbirds, being messengers, understand various languages. This has proven useful in not being eaten by the Blànfax, but also in both species communicating dangers or opportunities to the other, often without the Foyblànii being aware of it.
Territory Boundaries: Qal'ath Ikà Doon
While Book 1 does not cover this entire World, this is the context which Books 1-2 finds itself in. This is the area referred to as the "Known Lands", a term found in Book 1.
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